Evelyn’s Flower Gathering Dress

I couldn’t pass up the chance to use frivolousdistinction’s 1812 Day Dress pattern again (previously used for Vivienne’s Play dress) because I really loved the result. The fabric I bought at JoAnn’s a while ago and the only reason I hadn’t sewn with it yet is because I love it so much, I knew I needed to decide on just the right dress. What better thing to do than combine the two, and for Evelyn who I thought would look great in purple? Of course now that she has a purple holiday gown it starts edging to purple overload, but really, since when has two purple gowns been too much?


The pattern went even more easily this time, though I did not do it all in one day. Instead, I finished it on the same day as Samantha’s alternate Christmas dress, while I was on day three of a splintering headache.


I’m still thrilled with the pattern, though I think it suited the light fabric better. The adorable tucks get a bit lost on the dark fabric. And I managed to mess up the bodice band a bit so it’s higher on one side, which I’m not thrilled about, but what can you do? It’s still adorable and just the thing for a little girl out gathering flowers.




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