Kanani’s New Look

Did I mention I’d rewigged Kanani? No, I don’t think I did. Well that’s a thing I did. I was really torn because Kanani with the light brown hair is SO adorable, but mine was getting pretty dry and it just wasn’t look so great. Yes, there are things I can do to remedy that to a degree, but I decided why not, let’s rewig her and see what I think? Her wig came off super easily and so I can always pop it back on lickety-split.


I’m still torn. I think she’s beautiful with the darker hair, but since I didn’t dislike her old look, it’s hard to say whether I like this better or not. I think it’s going to take some time to just get used to, some playing around with. I can always put her old hair back on or, if I can’t decide, someday get a second Kanani and decide who’s who (crazy!) I think she loses a lot of the little kid chipmunk look, which is what drew me to her in the first place. I also think the darker hair makes her skin look lighter, ha. My husband is happy that she looks more Hawaiian.


So anyway, we’ll see! I feel like I prefer whatever I looked at pictures of last…



A Sunday Afternoon Walk

This walk actually took place back in early June, when we had a few hours of sunlight and my husband wanted to take us to a new park he’d found. I wanted to take Kirsten to take her birthday photos but also got a little too excited and wound up taking FOUR dolls. This was the first time I’d ever taken dolls to photograph away somewhere, rather than just to a park or something around my house. At first I was a bit shy but found that the more I photographed, the less I Really cared about the people walking by. It probably helped that my husband and toddler son were with me.

So here are some of the pictures I took. It started to rain towards the end so we had to wrap it up. Also I refused to edit my photos because I have just do not have the time, haha.


What to do with some girls…

I’ve been compiling things to sell lately to put into house savings, and part of that too has been taking a closer look at dolls that just haven’t quite found their place in the family yet. Two of these, #62 and “the new Flora” were quite a challenge. I’m still not positive they’ve found their place, but here’s where they are now:

I repositioned the #55 wig I’d put on #62 and realized that with her coloring she actually looks like she could be a sister to Josefina! She reminds me a bit of Clara in the books, though her hair is maybe still a bit darker than the illustrations. For now she’s hanging out with Josefina and borrowing some clothes until I can decide if she feels right here or not. It’s nice because I’ve always worried Josefina was a little lonely once Sam got Nellie (since she and Sam were my childhood dolls), but I also had gotten so used to Josefina being independent. Now she doesn’t need to hang out with Kirsten and Addy as much… doll drama!


The one I’m more convinced of because I’ve done this experiment for is a custom Ruthie. While I’ve seen some beautiful Ruthies so who knows, maybe someday I’ll decide I need that doll. But I’ve sort of liked experimenting with this shorter, curlier wig on a classic mold with darker eyes. THis time I plopped the wig on Isabelle, who’s round face and hazel eyes I think look really perfect with the short curly wig! I’m a little concerned about the wig quality. I just have found that these Monique wigs get so dry and flyaway so easily, even in the hands of an adult collector. For now it’s just a little frizzy and I’ll just try soon to recurl it but ultimately I may be on the hunt for a new wig for her, and I guess at that point either I’ve decided she’s perfect as Ruthie or not.


This does mean that right now I don’t have a Flora or a Cordelia (who of course has been missing for a long time now). Dolls to have on the list for someday, as my doll spending is frozen at the moment and husband has already bought my holiday present (Lea’s hut EEEEEH). That’s okay, though. I’ve got plenty of sewing to do to get wardrobes all caught up for all these girls!!

Welcome Home, Julie!

So I recently got a bee in my bonnet about Julie. I don’t know why. A year or so ago, I’d got a very pretty Julie, experimented a bit, then accidentally sold her and it had haunted me a bit because I felt like a let a good girl go. Julie has always felt a bit too Barbie to me and just really hadn’t appealed to me anyway.

But then what changed? I have no idea! Suddenly I felt the need for Ivy’s friend to join the family. So I sold some doll wigs to get the funds and kept an eye out for just the right Julie because in looking at dozens on eBay I realized I’m very picky about Julie. I prefer pre-BeForever Julie’s meet outfit, and I find that the older Julie’s more commonly have the sort of softer, warmer look I like. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Anyway, I finally found the perfect Julie: $60 + shipping, pristine hair, beautiful face, complete old meet outfit, AND pierced ears. She seemed too good to be true but when she arrived she was even better than I’d hoped. I adore her! She just seems so sweet and snuggle-able. She and Ivy are thrilled to be together and have been discussing how they’re divvying out clothes and planning their someday bedroom.


Maybe it was Ivy’s movie that made me like Julie more? Maybe it’s talking to my mom more about the 1970s? Or maybe it was just inevitable, the same way my eventually falling for Caroline and Maryellen was inevitable, even though I resisted. Either way, Julie is here now and not going anywhere.


Happy (Belated) Birthday, Samantha!

Ok, yes, I missed Samantha’s birthday. I’m so buy lately it’s hard to keep up with the blog –I’m actually behind on posting even sewing pictures! But this is supposed to be a no-stress space so I’m not too worried about it.

Still, I couldn’t let an excuse to post some pictures of Sam pass me by. I received Sam for my 7th birthday, my very first American Girl doll! She was a faithful companion in my younger years, but then as a teenager I made a terrible mistake and got her head switched because her hair had become a rat’s nest! Well, I didn’t know any better. Now I’ve been really tempted to get a BeForever Samantha since my Sam’s head isn’t her original head anyway, and just replace the body (because her body is so stained and squishy and that feels like my childhood!) Or, who knows, have TWO Sam’s? Is that crazy?? Well, it’s not currently in the budget, so moot at this point, haha.

Anyway, I’ve blogged about Sam so much so here are just some pictures. Happy birthday, old girl.



Happy Birthday, Kirsten!

A birthday post on time! Oh man all I’m doing a birthday post ON a birthday and it’s extra incredible because this has been a bonkers week with a super sick kid. The weather has also not been great. But last Sunday we had a few hours of decent weather before it got cold and rainy and, knowing Kirsten’s birthday was coming up, I took Kirsten and Addy out for some photos.



Kirsten was one of the dolls that got me back into collecting as an adult. I loved pioneers and the Oregon Trail as a kid and my godmother had given me all Kirsten’s books, but I never got the doll, so when I found out they were retired, I ran to eBay to buy Kirsten and Felicity. Of course, since I didn’t do ANY research beforehand, I wound up with two Mattel dolls and just didn’t quite click with them, though sometimes I regret getting rid of my Kirsten. She didn’t look like book Kirsten to me, but she was a pretty doll.

Did I get rid of this brown dress? I didn’t remember making it and don’t remember seeing it in her clothing box… maybe I put it in the “for kids to play with someday” box? Hm…IMG_9712

Anyway, the hunt was on for the perfect Kirsten and one day she popped up on eBay, a white body Kirsten with the sweetest little face. Unfortunately, she was dirty, had cut hair, and her fingers on one hand had been chewed off… But I bought her anyway, scraped the paint off her face, and eventually hunted down donor arms.


The wig was a harder fine. I tried several blonde wigs but they all just looked too modern next to Kirsten’s. Finally I took a chance on some Engelpuppen wigs from Germany and the curly banged blond wig was perfect! Makes sense since that company made the original WB wigs. Maybe book Kirsten didn’t have pretty soft curls but I think she’s lovely and am happy with how she’s turned out, even with my kind of terrible face paint refresh.


Poor Kirsten gets overlooked a lot. Her time period isn’t my favorite to sew for since there isn’t a ton of variety, and her things on the second-hand market are soooo pricy. Someday I do hope to track down pretty much her entire collection, because I just love all the wood and painting of her pieces.


Ugh, now I’m feeling guilty. Maybe I’ll make another dress for her next. 🙂 I apreciate that she’s such a sweet girl, and I do really like her character in the books a lot too. I even like that simply by existing, Kirsten’s presence in the American Girl line-up helps reiterate that being born in the country is not what makes you an American, and that this country is made up of people born all over the place who found their way here (in both good and bad ways).

So Happy Birthday, Kirsten! I promise to make you a new dress soon.



Kestrel’s Walk

Nothing fancy here, but Kestrel was in need of some together time. Since I’ve decided to part ways with Leyla (sorry, girl!), Kestrel and Sorah are the new girls. Sorah was in the works for so long that she’s had no time establishing herself, but Kestrel is still an identity in progress. I don’t think she’s in danger, though; I’d had a tough time really bonding with #62 since I brought her home, which is a shame since I’ve seen so many pretty ones and had wanted her for a while. Kestrel just seems like a new friend.


An adorable result of our walk tonight was that when we got home, I tossed her on the couch and went to put my son to bed. He refused, it took forever, finally I decided he could sit up until my husband got home, while I cooked dinner. I felt my son bump into my leg and when I looked down, he’d brought Kestrel to me, holding her up as if to say, “Mama, you forgot your dolly!” Wish I’d gotten a picture of it!


I should do some sewing for her next, or at least after I make the dress I cut out for Delaney. Maybe Kestrel will wear it for a while first. Sewing time is always good together time!