Samantha’s Alternate Christmas Dress

This year I’m participating in a gift exchange on an American Girl message board, and my immediate thought was “Oh I will definitely make a dress!” I immediately went into a frenzy of what patterns and fabric I own, how they could be combined, and even began a dress.

Then reality set in and I remembered that though I get better at sewing with each outfit I make… I’m still a baby seamstress. There is always at least one thing not quite right with a dress I make, and while I can band-aid these things form y own doll clothes, I’d be way too embarrassed to do so for someone else.


So for now I’m keeping this Samantha Christmas dress and trying to decide how I feel about it. I just used Samantha’s Christmas dress pattern from her official AG patterns, though of course went my own way on the trimmings. The Christmas dress Samantha has been wearing has destroyed ribbon –I mean badly destroyed– and this dress is pretty. But it’s hard for me to not see the fabric from Delaney’s holiday dress, the ribbon from Cordelia’s blue dress. And it’s not shiny. Even though I’m not necessarily attached to Samantha’s official Christmas dress (I thought I was but apparently not), the fabric makes this just seem so much plainer than I’d hoped.


Anyway, Samantha’s wearing it for now until I get my bearings on it. And if you were wondering, the thing that’s messed up is that the lace went crooked on one side, so it doesn’t line up properly on the shoulder. Super noticeable but I didn’t catch it until I’d already stitched the lace, bodice AND collar, so it would have been too much to rip out. Uh well.

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