I received my first American Girl doll, Samantha, for my 7th birthday. My parents and grandparents had decided I’d used the catalogs as paperdolls long enough. Samantha was a constant and faithful childhood companion, and over the years was joined by Josefina, Vanessa (the Asian Bitty Baby), and eventually Kit, along with a crew of other non-AG dolls. Kit was my last doll for about seven years, during which I made a play at being a cool high school and college kid and lost interest in all things doll. Fortunately, my mom did not to get rid of my dolls and clothes because she is a smart lady.

Then about four years ago, a friend visited and just happened to mention that several of the dolls I’d wanted as a child had been retired. We wound up drunk on eBay and it’s just really been downhill from there. I’m now 28, I’ve now got twenty-mumble-mumble dolls, a giant dollhouse, and a sewing habit I just can’t quit. I use my dolls as a creative outlet for sewing, reading, researching, knitting, and writing. It is not surprising to me at all that, so many years later, I should find my old love of dolls all over again.

I live in greater Boston area, MA with my patient and enabling husband, our two corgis, and our infant son. By day I’m a product manager for a video game company. Besides dolls and related hobbies, I’m an avid writer, traveler, and dabble in a zillion other minor hobbies, though at the moment my son dominates my free time! I’m thrilled to find that so far I managed to not entirely give up my dolls at the on-set of motherhood, though certainly gone are the days of being able to change them all monthly. Fortunately, the dolls are understanding. 😉



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