An October Hike

That’s right, I’m posting this in nearly December. Maybe it even will be December! And yet these photos were taken back in October, on a cozy fall Sunday afternoon when me and my toddler son and a bag full of dolls ventured to the Middlesex Fells for some dolly photos.

First, Layla. I got this 62 last winter and have been unable to find quite who she is… but I think she’s sticking this time.  I don’t know much about her yet other than that she’s at least part Egyptian and she loves theater and singing and wants to be an actress. Oh and also that she’s really pretty and she and Parisa are friends but also sort of competitive with each other. Layla isn’t as aware of it as Parisa. (Also the gold dress she’s wearing is one I made this fall.)


Sorah came along. I continue to bounce her back and forth between her original wig and this long Beautifully Custom one. I like her with long hair but it’s so long and heavy that it’s hard to do anything with, so she just changes for fun. Her little forest animal dress is also newly sewn.IMG_5002

Berna Bea came along. The latest in her life is that she went from being a 1940s Beatrix to a modern Bernadette Beatrix. She’s still from the South, still loves working on car engines with her dad, still wants to be an engineer or an inventor but also is starting to explore more hobbies like dance. She still goes by Bea sometimes, or Berna, or Berna Bea.IMG_5010

This new girl may not be permanent. Her name is Olivia and she’s pretty and she lives in the anime world of Attack on Titan, so she’s not actually modern but still hangs out with these girls a lot.


Akane also came along. Her name used to be Margo, yep, but I wanted her to have a Japanese name too, and then found myself calling her by her Japanese name more. So while technically her name is Margo Akane _____ (none of my modern girls have last names), she goes by Akane these days. Maybe it’s a phase, who knows. 😉 Also she’s over wanting to be a travel food TV show host and now she wants to be a detective.


I was about to say “well at least Ava hasn’t changed” but then I realized that Ava may have been a new edition this summer and if I didn’t post about our trip to DC (which was sort of her debut) then she may be new to the blog.


It was a lot of fun taking the photos although we got worn out before I could do any group shots, which is a shame. And by “we” I really mean my son, who was really the life of this trip.


Ok, I KNOW the photo below looks like he’s about to straight up murder Olivia, but I’m 99% sure he was actually trying to comb her hair. He really likes doll hair.IMG_5024IMG_5025

For some reason he’s decided that lying on the ground next to dolls is what you’re supposed to do and I have like 5 photos on different days of him posing like this.IMG_5028IMG_5034

In the next shot, he’s the one who decided Ava needed the puppies next to her, and he spent a great deal of time getting them carefully arranged.IMG_5072IMG_5056

Anyway, fun day! Although the real cherry on top was when we were leaving. We walked past an older man and his two dogs who sniffed around us. This fun exchange happened:

Man: He likes to play with dolls?
Me: *thinking he said dogs but it’s true either way* Oh, yeah!
Man: You should get him some guns.
Me: Uh…. goodbye.

Where’s the eye-rolling emoji when you need it.


One thought on “An October Hike

  1. Aww, it’s so nice to see someone letting their sons play with their dolls. There’s no problem with it – men and boys need a nurturing side to them, too, so they can be good fathers. Ah, well. I hate unsolicited parenting advice.
    Just a question: what do you use to take your dolls around to places? Somehow I can’t imagine you with your arms full of dolls and still trying to watch a baby 😉
    Beautiful photos and I like Margo’s name change. Japanese names are epic.
    Keep up the good work!

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