Kanani’s New Look

Did I mention I’d rewigged Kanani? No, I don’t think I did. Well that’s a thing I did. I was really torn because Kanani with the light brown hair is SO adorable, but mine was getting pretty dry and it just wasn’t look so great. Yes, there are things I can do to remedy that to a degree, but I decided why not, let’s rewig her and see what I think? Her wig came off super easily and so I can always pop it back on lickety-split.


I’m still torn. I think she’s beautiful with the darker hair, but since I didn’t dislike her old look, it’s hard to say whether I like this better or not. I think it’s going to take some time to just get used to, some playing around with. I can always put her old hair back on or, if I can’t decide, someday get a second Kanani and decide who’s who (crazy!) I think she loses a lot of the little kid chipmunk look, which is what drew me to her in the first place. I also think the darker hair makes her skin look lighter, ha. My husband is happy that she looks more Hawaiian.


So anyway, we’ll see! I feel like I prefer whatever I looked at pictures of last…



Sorah’s Seahorse Dress

People are always posting pictures of such cute dresses with some quirky, adorable fabric, so I’ve been on the hunt. JoAnn’s has not impressed me with the quirk, so I’m going to need to trawl etsy and Spoonflower but this no-spending period of sewing through my stash means it’ll be a while.

BUT I did manage to find this cute seahorse print in fat quarters, and decided to try my hand at making something in the hopes it wouldn’t look too babyish. I debated the pattern for a while, needing something feminine but not toddler. Forever 18 Inches’ Geometry Class Jumper called to me and did not disappoint!


I didn’t zoom too close in on the details, but the dress has a fully lined bodice, top-stitching along the skirt side and back seams, a wavy stitch along the enclosed hem, hot pink buttons, and blue snap closes in the back. Might as well get practice writing a description, since I actually made two of these! Once has found its way to the “someday etsy shop” stash, which has grown faster than I expected.


I had expected to use this fabric for Kanani, but she wasn’t very interested in the pastels, and Sorah very much was. I think it’s perfect on her, and even matches her hearing aids! At least for now, they’re pink. I’m thinking I might make them lavender…

Parisa’s Bird Dress

There was a sneak-peek of this dress in a previous post, but I’ll give it it’s own post anyway, especially since it was a first-time pattern for me. I’d seen Melody Valerie Couture’s New Girl pattern a long time ago but not really had any clear vision for what I’d do with it. Suddenly, something about this bird fabric called to me for that pattern, so I decided to give it a try.

To be perfectly honest, I think Melody Valerie Couture patterns give you an awesome result, but they seem to me geared towards people making professional doll clothes to sell. Things feel to me like they’re done the complicated, longer with. I followed the instructions on this one but in future when I use the pattern, there are a bunch of shortcuts I’ll take if it’s just for my own use.


For instance, there is so much hand-sewing on this. Probably more hand-sewing than just about anything besides a new Medieval gown for Evelyn I still need to photograph. The hem and arm binding are both handsewn, plus the bodice lining, plus the buttons. I don’t mind hand-sewing, per se, but I am SO SLOW at it compared to my zippy machine.


I also decided not to turn the arm-binding under because I like the contrast. I seem to do this to a lot of my short-sleeved shirts.


I like the dress a lot and will definitely use the pattern again. I’m a little bummed that if her hair is covering that bird on the bodice, the birds look a little too sparse. Since it was a fat quarter of fabric, I didn’t have much choice in how I cut the pieces out. But it’s not too bad.

Now the real question: will I ever dress Parisa in something other than blue??

Belated Mother’s Day

I was way too busy sewing and spending time with my family (and being sick, lame!) on Mother’s Day to blog about it, but we did a doll thing! I had an interest in going and seeing Z and her new things in person, so off we went for a late lunch in the cafe and a stroll around the store.


Oh, and also I wanted to get Sorah’s hearing aids! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to take a doll to the store, since usually I’m chasing after my toddler, but this time that was my husband’s job! So Sorah went with, and Melody came along to keep Sorah company for the scary procedure. Melody seems like the kind of girl who’d be a good friend during a scary time.


The cafe was lovely. We got the salmon and wound up not liking it, and their espresso machine was broken so no fancy coffee drinks, but it’s hard not to have fun when you make your husband sit at a table with dolls. He’d never eaten at the cafe before and was amused by the whole thing. He chose Sorah to sit next to him and made sure to fill her little cup up with sugar. Just what a little girl needs.


We shopped around a bit (I grabbed the new Julie outfit for Ivy or a modern girl, a pair of cateye sunglasses that I’m not happy with because the lenses are YELLOW, and the vest from the Mix-n-match set), then it was time. Sorah went off into the back and returned to us a few minutes later with her shiny new hearing aids!


Afterwards Melody and Sorah grabbed a burger and shake in the Seaside Diner before we headed home. At first Sorah was a little frazzled from the procedure, but the car ride home in the rain soothed her. 🙂



I love the hearings aids EXCEPT for one thing that’s driving me nuts. The woman pierced them a little too far below the earlobe, so either the earpiece can go in her ear OR the white wire can wrap around her ear, but not both. It’s kind of driving me nuts. The only way the hearing aid fits right is if you pierce it more behind the ear rather than below. I’m debating whether I try to get it replaced or not…


Besides that though, it’s so fun! We’re going to repaint the hearing aids eventually though I’m not sure what color yet. Maybe purple like mine?

Mystery Girl’s Blue Roses Dress

I was hoping to have this girl named before I posted more pictures of her but hey, what can you do? She’s being stubborn. It’ll come to me eventually. Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve been working through more fabric! For this fabric, I knew I wanted a sundress but was otherwise undecided. So I fell back onto one of my favorite patterns, 18 Inches Cat’s Meow Romper & Dress.

What can I say? It’s the quickest, easier thing to make. So that I don’t wind up with 20 of the same dress, I’m starting to experiment a little with each one. This time, I cut out the ruffles, and I actually made two different accessory options. In the pictures, mystery girl is wearing the lime green polka dot belt. I also made her a small bowl of the same material which she can use on a headband or pin to the waistband or neckline. Of course I didn’t photograph that and don’t have an opportunity to at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll crop up in other photos eventually.


And of course her hair is covering the bow. This is what happens when you can hear the baby waking up while you’re taking photos!

Leyla’s Ruffle Dress

Here’s a new girl! #62 is one of the girls I bought to get ahead of pantygate. I’m a sucker for the Sonali mold and was interested in the variety this girl adds. I’m not a big fan of her original hair though, as I don’t feel like it has a ton of options for styling and I have other girls with “easy” hair (Emily, Ivy, Nellie, Kit, etc.). Besides, I wanted to make her a little more unique. Ultimately, I’d like a long black curly wig for her, but until that wig is found, she’s wearing #55s wig and, I have to say, I like it.


Leyla is a modern girl. She’s Arabic and her family is Egyptian. Beyond that, I don’t know yet! She has a sort of girly-chic style –not as trendy as Parisa, but more adult in cuts and colors than Flora. She immediately claimed the lavendar sprigged romper I made a couple weeks ago, and now made it clear this ruffle dress was hers!

I think I got this Annie’s Ruffle Dress pattern for free from Pixie Faire’s weekly newsletter. It’s been sitting around in my pattern queue for a while, not really calling to me. But now that I’ve made it, I have to say,  I love it. It’s funny how really simple little ruffles can really add to an otherwise nice and basic dress. This is another one where even though the pattern itself is straightforward, I think I’ll be able to modify the pattern for some neat alternates.


It came out big, even when I tried to make it a little smaller. It’s not too bad, just means the buttons are off-center rather than directly center, and I’m ok with that. Just a slightly different look. I also am POSITIVE I cut out the fabric to make the belt, but the whole thing has disappeared, pattern piece and all. For now I’m using a blue ribbon and actually like the look a lot, so even when the pattern piece turns up someday, I may keep the look like this.


Doesn’t she look so pretty and classy?

Kanani’s Green Dress

I am on a mission to sew through all my fabric because I keep buying more. For my birthday a month ago, my mom and grandma gave me a JoAnn’s gift card, which I spent this past weekend in a 30 minute dash similar to a Supermarket Sweepstakes. What this means is that I am bursting at the gills with fabric while also short on outfits for girls because I’ve added more new girls in the past year and a half than I’ve been able to keep up with.

Now that I’m going through another intensive sewing period, I’ve got lots of blogs to play keep up on, even after doing that quick catch up with just small photos of a bunch of new stuff. Up first, this summer green dress for Kanani!


I love this girl in neon colors and when I couldn’t decide what to do with this neon green fat quarter, I realized it called to her. I used Forever 18 Inches’ Endless Summer pattern. The pattern was easy to follow and pretty quick to make. I think it’d be a lot of work for just a shirt, but seeing as I need some dolly shirts, I suspect I’ll be using it for just that in the coming weeks.


It does make a cute, simple sundress, which is precisely what I was looking for. I like that the pattern has several options –dress, rounded hem longer shirt or straight hem short shirt, or sort of friled/peplum shirt. I thin you could even do a crop top with it. I used ribbons instead of fabric ties. I think doing some lacy on the bodice could be fun too. Lots of options with this one!


So now Kanani is so ready for summer. I love pink and green together. It looks like summery watermelon to me. Too bad it’s still lower 50s here in Boston. We’ll have an occasional nice day which makes me ready for summer, only for it to get chilly again. Sigh.