Pajama Party

I forgot to post this in January, but that’s the month each year I put my dolls in their PJs. For me, it’s because January is the worst month –the holidays are over, it’s cold and dark and snowy, and I’m always in a slump. This year wasn’t so bad, since my kid kept me hopping, but it still made me warm and snuggly to see everyone looking cozy in their jammies.




Merry Christmas from the family

In chronological, meandering order with some modern girl bookends:

Tinuviel, Evelyn, Delaney, Kaya, Rosie, Felicity, Vivienne, Caroline, Josefina, Ellen, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Nellie, Rebecca, Kit, Molly, Emily, Nina, Maryellen, Melody, Ivy, Kanani, Flora, Lenore on the right, and Margo on the left!

I wasn’t going to do a full family photo, especially because I’m about to get a new girl (yikes) and because I’ve hit the point where full family photos feel… I don’t know, sort of braggy? Or they at least leave me feeling a little bit overwhelmed with how big my collection has gotten I think 20 dolls was the point to me where I went holy cow, I’ve got a lot of dolls. As you’ll see, I’ve made some changes, tucked some dolls away (sorry, Peter!) There will always be dolls I love and want, but I think after I get the new goty, new dolls are going to have to wait for a good long while. I am very, very fortunate to have added so many girls to my family and yes, I’ve been collecting for a long time (I got Samantha 21 years ago!) I think I’m at a good point to sit back and enjoy all the beautiful girls I have!

Photographing this year was pretty difficult as it’s been raining all week so what little light I usually have was even worse than usual, and my phone camera was doing a poor job.

And of course one of my trusty sidekicks helped oversee the photoshoot, made sure everyone was looking where they were supposed to, stitched up any wardrobe malfunctions…

Preparation… yowsa.

School Photos 2016

My apartment has TERRIBLE lighting. You’ll have noticed almost all my doll photos are taken in the same place, which is actually in the entryway against a wall where we sort of get a little light in the late morning. If it’s sunny. And the actual lights in the apartment are harsh and yellow. So I decided to investigate a lightbox kit and it turns out they aren’t so expensive! $30 for a box, several colored backdrops, and two lights! And what better way to start familiarizing myself with it than doing class photos? I’ve been meaning to more standardize my “Crew” page for a while.


It’s been several years since I’ve done individual portraits of all the dolls. I’ve done a group shot more recently, but there’s been turnover since then. For a number of reasons though, the group isn’t likely to expand any time soon (it’s highly likely I’ll be bringing GOTY 2017 home but that’s about it). We’re trying to save up for a house! Also, taking these pictures really cemented with me how HUGE my collection is. My collection has grown VERY rapidly in the past few years, and I think it’ll be good to just enjoy what I’ve got for a while. (Yes, I have said this all before. But I mean it this time! More importantly, I want a house!!)


Anyway, on to the photos. Some of the girls definitely presented a challenge. Clothing had a big impact on how the dolls photographed; I discovered this when I changed Ellen’s and Ivy’s clothing and found the lighting worked much better for them. Some dolls gave me a perfect photo from shot one, while others I’d take a dozen and finally just have to settle.


You’ll also notice breaking news. Elizabeth is gone; I spent my whole vacation thinking she just wasn’t right. Instead she’s now Pippa, my English Regency girl! And the modern girls who weren’t SUPPOSED to stay have names and let’s face it aren’t going anyway.

Now without further ado (and then off to redo the crew page!)

I also decorated the dollhouse for Halloween… I’ve put most dollhouse work on hold just because space is at such a premium right now since all the girls have to fit. My dollhouse is a big part of my real house daydreams, when I’ll be able to expand and the girls will all have a lot more room! But recent dollhouse questions made me realize I hadn’t photographed it in a while either, so here’s where it is right now… pretty crowded!


Of course Kaya, not pictured, is on her shelf where she gets all the elbow room she wants.

My one regret with these pictures is that I decided to use my phone instead of my big camera. I thought “well, my phone photos usually look great, and they’re plenty for a blog.” However especially the group photo wound up pretty grainy when you start reformatting. Uh well. Next time. Maybe Christmas? We’ll see!

And thus concludes the doll portraits! All in a day’s (ok 2 days) work! Now to reorganize the crew page. Gotta love organized formatting!!!

Christmas Happened

You’ll be able to tell my heart wasn’t really into taking Christmas photos this year. Maybe in the next few days I’ll get around to do individual shots, but for now I just did a group shot and it’s not even in front of my tree because this was after my long day getting home and the thought of lugging TWENTY dolls across the house to my tree was too much. But I also didn’t want to just totally flake on getting a group shot of everyone in their Christmas stuff (except Rebecca, who is too new to have a nice Hannukah dress to wear in December yet.)

Some of these photos have flash and some don’t. I’m still experimenting with my new camera and my new doll set up in a place with different lighting than years before.


Peter, Delaney, Josefina, and Rebecca hanging out in Kit’s attic with Meatloaf and Gracie. Yes, that’s the meanest Gracie in the world. I have my box and receipt to exchange her next time I go in because she looks evil.


Evelyn, Tinuviel, Nellie, and Samantha chit-chatting in Samantha’s room. Sam is wearing the “new” Christmas dress i made for her. I’m still not sold on it. I dunno.


Ellen, Cordelia, Kanani, Addy, Felicity, and Vivienne in the parlor. Looks like Ellen is about to play some songs on the fiddle. Maybe Vivienne and Felicity were singing? Felicity should be careful that fireplace right behind her!


Kirsten, Molly, Kit, Ivy, and Emily in the bedecked kitchen. I love this room at Christmas time. I ran out of time to really add anything this year. :/


Full group shot! Not the greatest spacing and there’s messy hair galore. Sigh. Maybe I’ll feel more motivated once everyone has their pajamas on. I could do a cozy “in bed” photo… my husband would be thrilled! Although a couple people still need PJs… maybe if I can get those made quickly enough…IMG_0513

A more mood-lighting one with their little tree lit-up. Doesn’t work as well when so few of them fit into the room, haha! I think next year I’ll be back to doing the Christmas photo in front of the tree.

Family Photo Update!

Well… I don’t yet have an outfit made for Cullen. But everyone else has an outfit and he has a TEMPORARY outfit, so I decided to go ahead and take a family photo today since I was already changing everyone anyway.¬†And because I honestly had no idea how many dolls I had and wanted a count.


L-R, B to front:Kanani, Kaya, Vivienne, Tinuvial, Delaney, Evelyn, Addy, Kirsten, Cordelia, Felicity, Nellie, Samantha, Josefina, Cullen, Ellen, Peter, Kit, Molly, Emily, Ivy.

Holy smokies. Twenty. I have twenty dolls. And it’s not going to be the end because I still want Rebecca and #58 and who knows what next year will bring at AG. However it WILL be it for me for a while unless I ask for one for Christmas for exciting reasons I’ll talk about in another post. ūüôā

In the meantime, i’m having to glean my collection quite a bit and boy is it stressful. I hate selling things. I should just accept I should only ever buy things I *really* want because selling things is the pits.

Summertime Temps

We’re finally having some uncomfortably hot days in Boston, so it was time to get most of the dolls in their bathing suits (and the rest at least into new outfits). No group shot because this was at the end of doll-spa-day and I’m wiped, but here are some candids!

Up above, we have Emily, Molly, Kanani and Ivy hanging out at the beach!

Kirsten is so happy to have all ten fingers for her fishing trip!

IMG_0370Cordelia & Felicity keeping it cool in their summer linens.

IMG_0378 Felicity, Cordelia, and Vivienne out for a stroll while Kirsten does the actual work to make sure there will be dinner tonight!

IMG_0379Kit and Peter… and Ellen who may not be wearing summer colors but IS wearing shorter sleeves than she usually gets away with! I just realized Meatloaf isn’t with Peter, oops!

IMG_0380¬†Samantha, Nellie, and Addy having a nice little girls party in Sam’s room.

IMG_0381Ok, I almost can’t handle how much I love Kaya’s new outfit, and Josefina’s summer outfit remains one of my favorite AG has ever made. This shelf is high above my head, hence the sort of weird angle… oops!

Not pictured… Tinuviel, Evelyn, Delaney. OOPS.

School Photo!

Well, class photo. I suppose if I’d been more inspired it would have been fun to do school photos against a goofy backdrop of everyone. Damn, that would have been really cute and I didn’t think of it until just now, but a couple girls have already changed out of their school outfits. Hm… maybe if I’m feeling inspired next weekend I’ll do it. Also I totally have Sam’s lunch pail but couldn’t find it until 15 minutes after this photo was taken. Sigh.

Anyway, for now, class photo 2014!