What to do with some girls…

I’ve been compiling things to sell lately to put into house savings, and part of that too has been taking a closer look at dolls that just haven’t quite found their place in the family yet. Two of these, #62 and “the new Flora” were quite a challenge. I’m still not positive they’ve found their place, but here’s where they are now:

I repositioned the #55 wig I’d put on #62 and realized that with her coloring she actually looks like she could be a sister to Josefina! She reminds me a bit of Clara in the books, though her hair is maybe still a bit darker than the illustrations. For now she’s hanging out with Josefina and borrowing some clothes until I can decide if she feels right here or not. It’s nice because I’ve always worried Josefina was a little lonely once Sam got Nellie (since she and Sam were my childhood dolls), but I also had gotten so used to Josefina being independent. Now she doesn’t need to hang out with Kirsten and Addy as much… doll drama!


The one I’m more convinced of because I’ve done this experiment for is a custom Ruthie. While I’ve seen some beautiful Ruthies so who knows, maybe someday I’ll decide I need that doll. But I’ve sort of liked experimenting with this shorter, curlier wig on a classic mold with darker eyes. THis time I plopped the wig on Isabelle, who’s round face and hazel eyes I think look really perfect with the short curly wig! I’m a little concerned about the wig quality. I just have found that these Monique wigs get so dry and flyaway so easily, even in the hands of an adult collector. For now it’s just a little frizzy and I’ll just try soon to recurl it but ultimately I may be on the hunt for a new wig for her, and I guess at that point either I’ve decided she’s perfect as Ruthie or not.


This does mean that right now I don’t have a Flora or a Cordelia (who of course has been missing for a long time now). Dolls to have on the list for someday, as my doll spending is frozen at the moment and husband has already bought my holiday present (Lea’s hut EEEEEH). That’s okay, though. I’ve got plenty of sewing to do to get wardrobes all caught up for all these girls!!