Caroline’s White Floral Dress

Now that Caroline has become her true self, girl needs some clothes. I’ve seen seamstresses make some truly gorgeous stuff for her, and I want me Caroline to have a pretty sweet wardrobe too. So I stocked up on Regency patterns (though Josefina’s Christmas dress is one of my FAVORITE patterns to sew!) and have kept a sharp eye out for fabrics. The first one I saw that I knew I had to have for Miss Caro was this floral sprig print sold by PastCrafts on etsy. I stocked up on a bunch of fabric there and knew exactly what I wanted to do with this one. I believe Caroline has a paper doll dress similar to this.

I searched and debated on the pattern, but ultimately realized that Dollhouse Design’s Georgiana pattern actually included exactly the style I was looking for. So first, I want to just vent again: one of my absolute biggest regrets since I began collecting dolls is that I didn’t buy Dollhouse Design’s Georgiana dress –that purple one. I just happened to see it in her etsy store but I don’t ever spend that much on doll clothes so I passed. The next day I was still thinking about it and went back, but of course it had sold. The snowflake one was there but it wasn’t exactly the one I wanted… another regret! These two dresses taught me that if there’s a dress that is just dear, dear to my heart and I will forever regret it if I don’t get it… I find a way to get it. Doesn’t happen often, thank goodness. 

Anyway, those gowns are so gorgeous that I assumed the pattern would be a beast to follow. Not so at all! The gown is sort of surprisingly complicated for Regency gowns –I always think of them as so simple– but the pattern has very easy to follow directions. Some of the steps are a little out of order from what I’m used to (like you sew the arm band on after you’ve already attached the sleeve to the bodice), and it definitely felt like a project that needs your full attention, but nothing ever felt too overwhelming to figure out.

Did you notice the tucks? I love the way tucks look although I hate sewing them. This dress also has pleats! And yet despite both of those things, I think it turned out exactly how I wanted. The fabric was a dream to sew with; not to sticky or too slick. Of course, I didn’t have the right lace so I had to make a trip to JoAnn’s which led to… well…


They had a sale and I had coupons and I have no regrets but hot damn I need to sew through my oodles of fabric before I buy ANY more. My fabric collection actually wouldn’t be so bad if I had anywhere to put it all, but instead my desk area just gets harder and harder to keep organized.

Another completely random thought: do all Caroline’s have sort of sunken eyes so it looks like they have eyeliner on or is that just special for mine? Scroll up to the portrait and you’ll be able to see what I mean. I can’t not notice it now when I look at her… I just realized the lighting makes her body look like it has discoloration. Just shadows, oops!

To wrap it up: loved the pattern, loved the fabric, looking forward to using both again!


School Photo Reshoots

Just like in real schools, I found that taking school photos actually helped me solidify some things about my collection. Hurray! You may have noticed there’s been a flurry of wig activity. Marisol became Nina (Antonina Anaya) who is my own 1950s Cuban girl who’s super into science and math and wants to be some sort of engineer or inventor. Caroline shed her Cordelia personality and became her true Caroline self (who I planned to refer to mostly as Caro since I have a cousin Caroline, but I’m not sure it’ll stick…), and I’ve begun reading her books and weirdly enough, I think they’re some of my favorites so far! Did not expect that. This means I have no Cordelia, so all those beautiful dresses I made are just going to have to hang out until I find the real and true and final Cordelia someday.. And finally, Molly got her new wig.

SO without further ado:


OK, I know I really do need to trim Molly’s bangs a little at least, but I think it’s endearing they’re in her eyes and in the books they were too.

Nina is going to read Maryellen’s books with me and we’ll see if I’m convinced I need the doll to be Nina’s friend. But for now me and Caro are reading the Caroline books. I’m not sure why I’m enjoying them so much. Maybe because Caroline is imperfect but not obnoxious? The war seems exciting and yet strangely small because so far they’re focused specifically on how it’s affecting her village. Her mom is great. Her dad is oddly attractive in the illustrations. Huh.