Downtown Girls

I’ve been smuggling dolls. Ok, less menacing than that sounds. I work in downtown Boston, and since work has been consuming my life this… year… I decided to make my days in the office a bit more productive. By sneaking a doll to work with me in my backpack, and then taking a lunchtime stroll to photograph them in some of the amazing downtown locations.

On Caroline’s birthday, I took her downtown to take her photos by the big ships, only to find the big ships were out to sea. Still, we found a small ship.


You’ll also notice the lighting was a disaster. It was pretty cold. I was afraid she’d go for a swim. But it was actually a nice little break during my workday. So I decided to take Melody another time… only to find the light was also terrible for her. Plus it was bitterly cold and windy. And her new dress got wrinkled in my backpack. 😦


But in between those two disappointing times, I took Felicity and we went to visit my favorite graveyard, Copps Hill Burying Ground in the North End. It’s on a high hill overlooking the ocean and is one of the oldest (maybe even the oldest? I don’t remember) cemetery in Boston.

The results were pretty beautiful.


Right??? Probably the prettiest photos I’ve taken all year. So now I frequently take dolls into the city, just in case I can take a break from work, though it’ll be more challenging as it gets colder and colder. Also sometimes I’m just too busy. Addy went to work with me five times and I still never got a break to take her photo.

Sorry, Addy!



A Sunday Afternoon Walk

This walk actually took place back in early June, when we had a few hours of sunlight and my husband wanted to take us to a new park he’d found. I wanted to take Kirsten to take her birthday photos but also got a little too excited and wound up taking FOUR dolls. This was the first time I’d ever taken dolls to photograph away somewhere, rather than just to a park or something around my house. At first I was a bit shy but found that the more I photographed, the less I Really cared about the people walking by. It probably helped that my husband and toddler son were with me.

So here are some of the pictures I took. It started to rain towards the end so we had to wrap it up. Also I refused to edit my photos because I have just do not have the time, haha.


Snow for some 19th century girls

OH MY GOSH, this never posted?? I’ll post it in May, fine. Obviously this did not just happen in May.

We got more snow! And despite the fact that my backyard is small and ugly, I still wanted to snap photos of a couple dolls out in it. Kirsten was an obvious choice because this is the first winter I’ve had her snowshoes and ribbons. And Addy made even more sense as well because it’s Black History Month (separate celebration post coming) and taking pictures of this beautiful girl is one of the small ways to celebrate.

So without further commentary, some pretty pictures!

Of course I JUST realized that one of Kirsten’s mittens slipped off. I had my toddler and two puppies out with me so there was a lot going on. But I rarely wear more than on glove (I keep one hand free to do things and just put it in my pocket to keep warm) so maybe Kirsten takes after me. 🙂
I also repainted Kirsten’s and Sam’s lips recently and I think I finally got the color right! Hurray!

Ok bonus pictures of my son and pups.

Happy Birthday, Addy!

What a good post to come back on. Today is Addy’s birthday, which is always super easy to remember since mine’s the day before! Like me, Addy had a quiet birthday this year. It was FINALLY a nice day (mid 60s!!) after this long, cold winter has really been getting my down. So I did put her into the stroller and set out with my son to see if I could find a good place to take pictures. But unfortunately, there just isn’t anywhere decent within walking distance of us in the city-burbs.


So poor girl only gets a couple pictures on my back deck, and I’ve been so out of it that she doesn’t even have a birthday present. I’m the worst dolly-mom! But considering the kind of spring it’s being, let’s just say it’s impressive I’m even managing to find the time to blog. Yesterday I even did a little sewing! Crazy.


But about Addy. My mom got this girl for me the first year I was back into collecting as an adult, so she’s Mattel but pre-BeForever. Her books are among my favorite, not just because it’s such an important and tragic part of history, but because I think Addy is one of the best characters. She’s fiercely brave, hard-working, clever, loyal, and kind.


Despite my love for Addy, I haven’t gotten to do much sewing for her, mainly because she has one of my two favorite American Girl collections (Josefina is the other). Her clothes are amazing! Fantastic color palettes, gorgeous designs. Granted, a rather beautiful and rich wardrobe for a young girl not in the upper class, even if her mother works for a dressmaker. I can barely change her quickly enough to get through all her clothes, and I don’t even have everything (yet ;)!


So dear Addy, while you are a stable but underserved doll in my collection, someday you will get your own room, more of a wardrobe, probably a Sarah or Hattie. I also promise I am trying to get better at styling your hair. You don’t have difficult hair, I just am really really bad at styling hair.


Family Photo Update!

Well… I don’t yet have an outfit made for Cullen. But everyone else has an outfit and he has a TEMPORARY outfit, so I decided to go ahead and take a family photo today since I was already changing everyone anyway. And because I honestly had no idea how many dolls I had and wanted a count.


L-R, B to front:Kanani, Kaya, Vivienne, Tinuvial, Delaney, Evelyn, Addy, Kirsten, Cordelia, Felicity, Nellie, Samantha, Josefina, Cullen, Ellen, Peter, Kit, Molly, Emily, Ivy.

Holy smokies. Twenty. I have twenty dolls. And it’s not going to be the end because I still want Rebecca and #58 and who knows what next year will bring at AG. However it WILL be it for me for a while unless I ask for one for Christmas for exciting reasons I’ll talk about in another post. 🙂

In the meantime, i’m having to glean my collection quite a bit and boy is it stressful. I hate selling things. I should just accept I should only ever buy things I *really* want because selling things is the pits.

Summertime Temps

We’re finally having some uncomfortably hot days in Boston, so it was time to get most of the dolls in their bathing suits (and the rest at least into new outfits). No group shot because this was at the end of doll-spa-day and I’m wiped, but here are some candids!

Up above, we have Emily, Molly, Kanani and Ivy hanging out at the beach!

Kirsten is so happy to have all ten fingers for her fishing trip!

IMG_0370Cordelia & Felicity keeping it cool in their summer linens.

IMG_0378 Felicity, Cordelia, and Vivienne out for a stroll while Kirsten does the actual work to make sure there will be dinner tonight!

IMG_0379Kit and Peter… and Ellen who may not be wearing summer colors but IS wearing shorter sleeves than she usually gets away with! I just realized Meatloaf isn’t with Peter, oops!

IMG_0380 Samantha, Nellie, and Addy having a nice little girls party in Sam’s room.

IMG_0381Ok, I almost can’t handle how much I love Kaya’s new outfit, and Josefina’s summer outfit remains one of my favorite AG has ever made. This shelf is high above my head, hence the sort of weird angle… oops!

Not pictured… Tinuviel, Evelyn, Delaney. OOPS.