Kestrel’s Walk

Nothing fancy here, but Kestrel was in need of some together time. Since I’ve decided to part ways with Leyla (sorry, girl!), Kestrel and Sorah are the new girls. Sorah was in the works for so long that she’s had no time establishing herself, but Kestrel is still an identity in progress. I don’t think she’s in danger, though; I’d had a tough time really bonding with #62 since I brought her home, which is a shame since I’ve seen so many pretty ones and had wanted her for a while. Kestrel just seems like a new friend.


An adorable result of our walk tonight was that when we got home, I tossed her on the couch and went to put my son to bed. He refused, it took forever, finally I decided he could sit up until my husband got home, while I cooked dinner. I felt my son bump into my leg and when I looked down, he’d brought Kestrel to me, holding her up as if to say, “Mama, you forgot your dolly!” Wish I’d gotten a picture of it!


I should do some sewing for her next, or at least after I make the dress I cut out for Delaney. Maybe Kestrel will wear it for a while first. Sewing time is always good together time!


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