Sorah’s Seahorse Dress

People are always posting pictures of such cute dresses with some quirky, adorable fabric, so I’ve been on the hunt. JoAnn’s has not impressed me with the quirk, so I’m going to need to trawl etsy and Spoonflower but this no-spending period of sewing through my stash means it’ll be a while.

BUT I did manage to find this cute seahorse print in fat quarters, and decided to try my hand at making something in the hopes it wouldn’t look too babyish. I debated the pattern for a while, needing something feminine but not toddler. Forever 18 Inches’ Geometry Class Jumper called to me and did not disappoint!


I didn’t zoom too close in on the details, but the dress has a fully lined bodice, top-stitching along the skirt side and back seams, a wavy stitch along the enclosed hem, hot pink buttons, and blue snap closes in the back. Might as well get practice writing a description, since I actually made two of these! Once has found its way to the “someday etsy shop” stash, which has grown faster than I expected.


I had expected to use this fabric for Kanani, but she wasn’t very interested in the pastels, and Sorah very much was. I think it’s perfect on her, and even matches her hearing aids! At least for now, they’re pink. I’m thinking I might make them lavender…


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