Bea’s Walk

I’m trying to get better about taking the dolls out. I’ll be honest, part of it is because I have so many and I get anxious about playing favorites or leaving someone out. How do you choose who to take? What if I take Tinuviel and then get there and wish I’d brought Kaya instead? This fear actually dates all the way back to when I was a little girl and I had a giant poster board with a list of all my dolls and stuffed animals so with basically a hand-drawn spreadsheet so I could track who got to go on playdates or sleep with me. I was like 5. And I’m not saying I have a chart now that tracks how many times dolls feature in an Instagram photo or on the blog but yes, I absolutely do.

Lots of people, city living, and a shy doll photographer mean I don’t really have great opportunities around home to photograph. I’m hoping soon to start driving out to parks further from home and taking girls along, now that the weather is nicer. But last night the hot day (93 in May is pretty crazy for Boston) had cooled off a bit so I took my son for a walk before bedtime and tossed Bea into the bottom of the stroller, just in case.

Sunscreen all over my lens… sigh. 

Well, the good news is, I did get brave enough to step off the bike path we were walking on and take a few photos. The bad news is that I was so terrified of my son getting hit by a biker or attracting attention, that I didn’t really check the photos, and they didn’t turn out great. But baby steps!


We swung by a playground, and actually had more fun there. My son saw a babydoll stroller and immediately went for it, so I thought why not, and popped Bea into it. Let’s just say it was the ride of her life! I hadn’t realized my son would be so into pushing things around –first the stroller and then a little lawn mower. We may get a baby stroller for home so he can push dollies around on our walk because it’ll probably keep him from suddenly running off and also because it’s ADORABLE.

Of course my son is in garbage clothes because I didn’t plan on photographing him so I just threw him in the first thing I grabbed. Usually I dress him up so cute but this evening that all went to Bea! He’s still pretty stinking cute though. 🙂IMG_1650

Also worth calling out that Bea’s ADORABLE romber was made by MySewYouCreations on etsy –she also made the gingham dress Maryellen wore in her birthday photos. I cannot rave enough about this shop and will definitely be buying so much more in future. High quality, adorable clothing, super reasonable prices. This is the kind of store I want to have someday!


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