Parisa’s Bird Dress

There was a sneak-peek of this dress in a previous post, but I’ll give it it’s own post anyway, especially since it was a first-time pattern for me. I’d seen Melody Valerie Couture’s New Girl pattern a long time ago but not really had any clear vision for what I’d do with it. Suddenly, something about this bird fabric called to me for that pattern, so I decided to give it a try.

To be perfectly honest, I think Melody Valerie Couture patterns give you an awesome result, but they seem to me geared towards people making professional doll clothes to sell. Things feel to me like they’re done the complicated, longer with. I followed the instructions on this one but in future when I use the pattern, there are a bunch of shortcuts I’ll take if it’s just for my own use.


For instance, there is so much hand-sewing on this. Probably more hand-sewing than just about anything besides a new Medieval gown for Evelyn I still need to photograph. The hem and arm binding are both handsewn, plus the bodice lining, plus the buttons. I don’t mind hand-sewing, per se, but I am SO SLOW at it compared to my zippy machine.


I also decided not to turn the arm-binding under because I like the contrast. I seem to do this to a lot of my short-sleeved shirts.


I like the dress a lot and will definitely use the pattern again. I’m a little bummed that if her hair is covering that bird on the bodice, the birds look a little too sparse. Since it was a fat quarter of fabric, I didn’t have much choice in how I cut the pieces out. But it’s not too bad.

Now the real question: will I ever dress Parisa in something other than blue??

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