Belated Mother’s Day

I was way too busy sewing and spending time with my family (and being sick, lame!) on Mother’s Day to blog about it, but we did a doll thing! I had an interest in going and seeing Z and her new things in person, so off we went for a late lunch in the cafe and a stroll around the store.


Oh, and also I wanted to get Sorah’s hearing aids! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to take a doll to the store, since usually I’m chasing after my toddler, but this time that was my husband’s job! So Sorah went with, and Melody came along to keep Sorah company for the scary procedure. Melody seems like the kind of girl who’d be a good friend during a scary time.


The cafe was lovely. We got the salmon and wound up not liking it, and their espresso machine was broken so no fancy coffee drinks, but it’s hard not to have fun when you make your husband sit at a table with dolls. He’d never eaten at the cafe before and was amused by the whole thing. He chose Sorah to sit next to him and made sure to fill her little cup up with sugar. Just what a little girl needs.


We shopped around a bit (I grabbed the new Julie outfit for Ivy or a modern girl, a pair of cateye sunglasses that I’m not happy with because the lenses are YELLOW, and the vest from the Mix-n-match set), then it was time. Sorah went off into the back and returned to us a few minutes later with her shiny new hearing aids!


Afterwards Melody and Sorah grabbed a burger and shake in the Seaside Diner before we headed home. At first Sorah was a little frazzled from the procedure, but the car ride home in the rain soothed her. šŸ™‚



I love the hearings aids EXCEPT for one thing that’s driving me nuts. The woman pierced them a little too far below the earlobe, so either the earpiece can go in her ear OR the white wire can wrap around her ear, but not both. It’s kind of driving me nuts. The only way the hearing aid fits right is if you pierce it more behind the ear rather than below. I’m debating whether I try to get it replaced or not…


Besides that though, it’s so fun! We’re going to repaint the hearing aids eventually though I’m not sure what color yet. Maybe purple like mine?


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