Melody’s Yellow Dress

I decided to give Liberty Jane’s A-Line dress another go in a different style to see if my dissatisfaction with my first result was just getting used to the pattern.


Maybe it was, because I’m much happier with the result this time! May also be because I made my lazy ass actually get the iron out and press things as needed. I also think this yellow color is just darling on Melody (I sound like my grandma!)


Of course, I did not use a zipper. I refuse to use a zipper on doll clothes, even though it looks so nice, because I am a lazy seamstress. This next picture makes me melt. Her profile is SO STINKING CUTE.


Also this poor girl needs some shoes and I didn’t consider until AFTER the photos that she actually does have white shoes with her play outfit. But I don’t think they’d go great with the socks and I love the socks here. Hmmmm….


And one final photo to grow on because Melody is just too cute. Wish I’d done a better job angling her in the sunlight but uh well! Baby’s naps is probably just about over so no time for new photos!


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