Rosie’s Roller Print Jacket

My original intention with this fabric was a jacket for Rosie, and Felicity’s frock was just a happy accident. In looking at the fabric, I didn’t really feel inspired for Rosie, but in the spirit of sewing through these TWO 20 GALLON TUBS+ of fabric, I decided to plow ahead, returning to a pattern by Evoking History/Past Crafts.


It’s such a quick sew once you’ve made a couple of these things. I made it in an evening in between putting my fussy baby to bed. Now that I knew how the end result would be constructed, I did a much better job on the seams for the skirt and the basque back –though once again, the point is lost due to the bum roll. I ought to research how women wore the pointed bodice with a bum roll…


Anyway, I threw it together quickly, knowing I wouldn’t have a skirt for it yet, since I used up all the navy fabric when I made Felicity’s apron. But lo and behold, when I went to pull out her chemise, I discovered that one of the gowns I already made has a light green skirt that actually matches this jacket perfectly. While the navy is pretty for Felicity’s apron, pairing the light green skirt with this differentiates their looks a bit more, and also give Rosie’s dress such a nice spring feel to it.


I also had been lamenting Rosie’s appearance lately, and for a hot second thought she might be going back to the rewigging table. But after futzing with it a bit, I actually got the curls just so and I think she looks lovely. I need to track down some straw brimmed hats so I can give her one that matches more of her wardrobe –love Felicity’s blue ones, but I think Rosie needs green.


Moral of the story: sometimes fabric is much prettier sewn than on the bolt.


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