Leyla’s Ruffle Dress

Here’s a new girl! #62 is one of the girls I bought to get ahead of pantygate. I’m a sucker for the Sonali mold and was interested in the variety this girl adds. I’m not a big fan of her original hair though, as I don’t feel like it has a ton of options for styling and I have other girls with “easy” hair (Emily, Ivy, Nellie, Kit, etc.). Besides, I wanted to make her a little more unique. Ultimately, I’d like a long black curly wig for her, but until that wig is found, she’s wearing #55s wig and, I have to say, I like it.


Leyla is a modern girl. She’s Arabic and her family is Egyptian. Beyond that, I don’t know yet! She has a sort of girly-chic style –not as trendy as Parisa, but more adult in cuts and colors than Flora. She immediately claimed the lavendar sprigged romper I made a couple weeks ago, and now made it clear this ruffle dress was hers!

I think I got this Annie’s Ruffle Dress pattern for free from Pixie Faire’s weekly newsletter. It’s been sitting around in my pattern queue for a while, not really calling to me. But now that I’ve made it, I have to say,  I love it. It’s funny how really simple little ruffles can really add to an otherwise nice and basic dress. This is another one where even though the pattern itself is straightforward, I think I’ll be able to modify the pattern for some neat alternates.


It came out big, even when I tried to make it a little smaller. It’s not too bad, just means the buttons are off-center rather than directly center, and I’m ok with that. Just a slightly different look. I also am POSITIVE I cut out the fabric to make the belt, but the whole thing has disappeared, pattern piece and all. For now I’m using a blue ribbon and actually like the look a lot, so even when the pattern piece turns up someday, I may keep the look like this.


Doesn’t she look so pretty and classy?

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