Happy Birthday, Maryellen!

Eep, a surprise birthday! I must never have added Maryellen’s birthday to my calendar when I got her for Christmas, so it snuck up on me! Fortunately I realized just in the nick of time, and while my kid was napping, whew!


Maryellen is a new girl in town, having just joined this past Christmas as a gift from my husband and mom. I’d tried so hard not to love Maryellen when she was released, but how can you resist this cutie? It doesn’t help that I absolutely adore her character in the books. Plus she bears a striking resemblance to my mom, though my mom’s a bit younger and has brown eyes instead of hazel.


Nina, my Cuban-American 1950s girl, makes a cute pair with Maryellen. They’re being very nice and sharing clothes with each other. Maryellen is probably used to it with that big family of hers!


I haven’t really gotten into sewing for the 1950s yet, but it will come! I’ve been hoarding patterns and have several planned. It’s been lower priority since Maryellen has so many cute official clothes, and etsy has gone 1950s crazy.


For her birthday, Maryellen is wearing a new dress (below) I absolutely love, made by MySewYouCreations . This woman’s shop is incredible with unreal fair prices. I’ve bought two things from her so far and basically check her shop weekly to moon over the lovelies she’s posted.


I’m sure I’ll get into many more adventures with Maryellen. I’m so glad she’s joined, and I’m even glad she held onto her name (I wanted to name her Janie), even though it’s put Gracie (was Deirdre, was Ellen) into a naming crisis.


So Happy Birthday, Ellie! Here’s to many more with your cute little face.


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