Kanani’s Green Dress

I am on a mission to sew through all my fabric because I keep buying more. For my birthday a month ago, my mom and grandma gave me a JoAnn’s gift card, which I spent this past weekend in a 30 minute dash similar to a Supermarket Sweepstakes. What this means is that I am bursting at the gills with fabric while also short on outfits for girls because I’ve added more new girls in the past year and a half than I’ve been able to keep up with.

Now that I’m going through another intensive sewing period, I’ve got lots of blogs to play keep up on, even after doing that quick catch up with just small photos of a bunch of new stuff. Up first, this summer green dress for Kanani!


I love this girl in neon colors and when I couldn’t decide what to do with this neon green fat quarter, I realized it called to her. I used Forever 18 Inches’ Endless Summer pattern. The pattern was easy to follow and pretty quick to make. I think it’d be a lot of work for just a shirt, but seeing as I need some dolly shirts, I suspect I’ll be using it for just that in the coming weeks.


It does make a cute, simple sundress, which is precisely what I was looking for. I like that the pattern has several options –dress, rounded hem longer shirt or straight hem short shirt, or sort of friled/peplum shirt. I thin you could even do a crop top with it. I used ribbons instead of fabric ties. I think doing some lacy on the bodice could be fun too. Lots of options with this one!


So now Kanani is so ready for summer. I love pink and green together. It looks like summery watermelon to me. Too bad it’s still lower 50s here in Boston. We’ll have an occasional nice day which makes me ready for summer, only for it to get chilly again. Sigh.

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