Happy Birthday, Rosie!

Wow, an on-time birthday post! Wonders will never cease.


(Sidenote: I never reviewed Felicity’s new dress but wow am I unimpressed. I guess I’m glad I used Rewards and got it all for embarrassingly cheap. The blue fabric is gorgeous but the petticoat shouldn’t be attached. Mine has loose threads hanging off everywhere. And having to buy her undergarments AND the hat & fichu separately? Just awful. But I like the brown shoes and again, the blue fabric really is gorgeous, and the hat is sweet.)


Sadly for Rosie, she is one of my newer dolls and so there isn’t a lengthy history here exceptfor the fact that she’s a completely restored MG. Ok, maybe there’s more of a history here. I bought Rosie at least two years ago, though it took a while for me to get around to ripping her wig off and cleaning her up. She wasn’t in great shape.


After a clean up and some freckles and a new wig though, she was ready to take on the role of Miss Rosie MacKenzie, my Scottish-French colonial girl. OK, I’m making it sound simpler than it was. Actually she was my first eye swap and it’s a miracle I didn’t break my thumbs. I also redid her freckles one million times. Now I don’t remember if I ever went over them with acrylic paint or left them as washable marker, and I’m too afraid of smearing them to check.


She also had some wig woes. The first wig I got for her was a Monique Roxanne wig. Beautiful. But it frizzed like you wouldn’t believe! I still have it and 5 minutes ago pulled it out to see if I could use it on another doll. I just don’t know. It got so dry and frizzy just form being looked at. I’m so disappointed in the quality. So later I used a 20% off coupon to get #61 so I could steal her wig (with the intention of selling the doll and then I didn’t OOPS). #61’s wig is much better for Rosie, though sometimes I do still contemplate trying other wigs for her. I can’t stop with the wigs!

img_6004Is she a touch inspired by Outlander? Sure, which is amusing because I’m not even crazy about the series. I won’t get into my thoughts here, but boy do I have them! However the costumes in the Starz show are A+ and I’m a sucker both for Scottish (my grandparents have always been super into our Scottish heritage) and colonial garb so what’s not to like?

Ugh, why wig, why did yo uhave to go awry? You can already see it starting to go haywire here. But those ringlets!

Rosie is my excuse to explore clothing that Felicity shouldn’t have. Ok, look, I know we aren’t sticking to hardcore reality with American Girl dolls. But some of Felicity’ clothes (I’m looking at you, new meet gown) are just really elaborate for a merchant’s daughter. I know he’s a merchant so there’s some access but they’re a large family during a war. Anyway, I digress.


I’ve played around with writing some snippets for Rosie. Nothing has really stuck, despite the fact that she’s a pretty solid character in my head. Dainty and clever but with a streak of impropriety. A bit entitled, a bit too clever, a strange mix of prissy and tough. She knows her role in the world and she accepts it but she’ll push it when she thinks the world can be better. She’s not above using her connections for the right reasons. She doesn’t mind hard work but she really loves fancy dresses. She has a hard time accepting injustice, though the world is full of it.


I have so many more plans for Rosie’s wardrobe. For a while I was churning out dresses pretty regularly for her! She’s got a solid stock of fall and winter frocks now but in exchange is sadly lacking in spring and summer clothing. Uh well, she’ll get there. 🙂


Anyway, Happy Birthday, Rosie!


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