Just Plain Me

So… what’s going on with me. Why so few posts? It’s a fair question.

First, my relationship with AG has soured. The decreasing quality has bothered me for some time, particularly (but not only) in conjunction with rising prices. Queen’s Treasure, Etsy, even Our Generation can give me better quality and prices. Add in the perma-panties, and I find there’s less and less to interest me at the store. They company is headed in a direction I don’t have interest in following. They appear to me to be panicking and throwing everything at the wall to see who will stick, and seeing as how their revenue is declining, I think it’s safe to say this is not working as a business strategy for them.

Then, dolls in general. Am I done with them? Absolutely not! In fact, I love them just as much as ever. But this spring has been so stressful for me in so many ways that I just haven’t gotten as much time as before. My family is bursting at the seams in our apartment, so I recently had to pack away the bottom room of my dollhouse so I can store sewing stuff there (our dining room also functions as my office, my sewing room, and my husband’s office). This was really depressing for me, because it feels like I have to make the choice to put some of my hobbies on hold until the time when we can afford a house and I’ll have the space to actually set up. We’re saving for a house, but are probably still about a year away, depending on whether we remain in Boston or not.

I’m also in general just trying to get out more. Between hearing loss and having a kid, I’ve found my social life shrinking more and more. It dawned on me recently that not only do I buy dolls when I’m stressed, I buy them when I’m lonely, too. While I think dolls are a great comfort and even coping mechanic for really stressful times, dolls can’t replace sunshine and friends for me, and I don’t want to go into that spiral. So, when also up against space and money constraints, it just means I’m trying to find the right place for them in my life.

And finally, my kid is SUCH a toddler. He is perfect and I love him but trying to take care of him, keep up the house, repair my marriage, and deal with some health problems (I’m on day 3 of a migraine; so cool!), dolls fall lower on the totem poll.

But like I said, they aren’t going anyway. And while I’ve been sewing less, IĀ am still sewing! It’s just another hobby that’s stressing me out a little because we have no space. When you have to pull everything out to sew and the put everything away afterwards, it cuts down on the impulse sewing.

But here, take a look at some of the odds and ends I’ve been sewing lately, also so this post isn’t just a whiny life update! There are a few things not pictured too… a velvet gold dress for one. Can’t remember what else… it’ll all show up in photos eventually though! But let’s say these add 6 things to the Make 25 in 2017 challenge hurray! Plus 4 flower crowns (one shown below), that’s 10 new things! Wheee!


4 thoughts on “Just Plain Me

  1. Hi Jessa, I think a lot of us are trying to re-define our relationship with AG relative to the changes in the company. I was surprised to see Living a Doll’s Life is closing at the end of the year. I absolutely love the outfit with the flower crown. Gorgeous fabric. Is it a jumper? As for me, I still consider my blog active but I hold myself to no posting schedule. I know when it warms up inspiration may follow! Sorry to hear about your migraine. Take good care of yourself Momma!

  2. It is comforting but sad to see so many people in the same boat. I’ll never forget AG encouraging posters on their FB wall who kept saying “what’s the big deal? it’s just a doll!” That didn’t used to be AG’s slogan and for most of us, it was never just a doll. So sad! But I refuse to let it ruin my love for the dolls I already have!

    Thanks for the compliments. Yes, it’s a little wrap romper-jumper thing. Not the sort of thing I’m fashionable enough to wear but I think they’re adorable, haha.

    I hear you on the no posting schedule. I’ve always found I’ll write a bunch and schedule them out. Just hadn’t had many of those “write a bunch” days, but maybe nicer weather and a cleaner house will draw me back into it. And this stupid migraine finally being gone! Hurray! šŸ™‚

  3. Hang the posting schedules! I don’t use one. šŸ˜›
    I try to remember that it’s not how often I post, it’s how good a post is when I make it. Don’t be discouraged. If I could give you more follows, then I would. šŸ™‚
    Growing up is giving up, right?

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