Some New Girls

All right, despite being pretty quiet on the blog front, our family around here as grown. Largely in part to some doll splurges to stock up ahead of perma-panties. There are still a few dolls I want, but considering how out of space in our home we are, I think there won’t be many changes until we get a house. Notice I didn’t say none. Because every single time I say that, it’s immediately disproven. So let’s just say, not much.

SO let’s do some roll call, and I’ll add too that some of these girls may only have temporary identities or not entirely figured out identities. And I’m trying not to let that stress me out. For dumb reasons, having dolls without permanent identities stresses me out. I don’t know.

First, Sorah got mentioned already, but she’s great. Sorah is sort of a mini-me except that she’s artistic like my mom, Korean like my husband, and hard of hearing like me. She dyes her hair (hello, excuse to constantly change her wig!) which despite my husband pointing out is an Asian stereotype, is not one I’m trying to perpetuate. She’s not the badass quirky Asian girl with the dyed hair. She’s more of a Luna Lovegood sort. A bit spacey, very creative, sort of lives in her own world. She’s an only child, and her parents are equally as spacey and they’re all very happy. Her mom is completely deaf but her dad is hearing and she herself is hard of hearing. I don’t have her hearing aids yet, but my plan is to track down a pair and then my husband is going to help me install magnets in the hearing aids and her head so that she can wear them or not wear them, the way I do. I’m wildly uncomfortable with the permanently installed hearing aids. That’s a nightmare to me. Sorah herself though is permanent in the family!

Bea is next. I have wanted a #58 since she came out. OH MY GOSH, talk about one of the cutest dolls AG has put out. I’ve fawned over other collectors’ pictures and finally got my own. It took about two months out of the hairnet for her hair to finally reach its perfection, and then another month before I could figure out who she was. Finally she spoke: Her name is Bea, she lives in 1942, and she is the oldest in a family of 4. Her father is one of the Tuskegee Airmen, part of the 99th Fighter Squadron who were the first African American fighter pilots to be deployed overseas and see combat. Lots to still learn here. However Bea herself is precious and hard-working and still has lots to tell me about herself. I can’t stand how cute she is. Definitely one of my favorite dolls ever. She will never leave.

Flora is not new, but she’s had a bit of a make over. She’s now an Isabelle with #33 wig. Not that different from #33, but I love her nonetheless, and it freed up an MG mold for another doll I was wanting to use her for without, in my opinion, losing the soul of Flora, who I still adore.



Now we’re getting into the more complicated girls. Who I will not let stress me out.


This is Ophelia. You probably remember that this doll used to be Tinuviel. LOL. Now Tinuviel has had a total make over that makes her much more accurate to her story character, but this girl is too gorgeous to let go. So for now, she’s simply a random Medieval/Fantasy character named Ophelia. I’ve considered making her a Regency girl. She might be a good friend for Caroline.


This and the next girl are still figuring themselves out. I’ve been thinking of makin her an Indian doll but am not certain yet. She’s jumping back and forth between this and the black wig in the next picture. I like the name Gita if she winds up as an Indian girl, but I’ve also thought about taking her a Medieval/Fantasy route since I’ve only got white girls and she’d make a pretty badass one… Time will tell!


A #62. She strikes me as Egyptian but needs just the right wig. There she’s wearing a nice one, but that may go to #47. As I write this I”m looking at her with #55’s wig, also pretty and growing on me. So no clue, but she’s feeling her way around.


This is Eirlys, who sometimes goes by the nickname Mishka. She’s from a story I’ve been writing, and is neither Welsh nor Russian, but that’s neither here nor there. Right now, she’s sort of a one-outfit doll. You may also recognize the base doll from another photo where I called her Myfanwy. They are two different characters inhabiting one doll body. Which will stay? Maybe neither! But for now I like looking at her, and she’s a muse for my writing, and so we’ll see what happens with her.


And finally, Aloy (ay-loy). Dumb name but it grew on me. She’s not totally my creation, but is actually an homage doll to Horizon Zero Dawn, an amazing video game I just beat and loved. She’s not exactly the same. I don’t even know how long she’ll stay Aloy. I’m tempted to make some of her clothing. But the reality is that I impulse bought a few more wigs, and chances are Aloy will not remain herself long after I beat the game, so don’t get too used to her. When the new wigs arrive, I’ll try some on and see if she speaks to me as someone else. I’ve been missing Pippa, but if Ophelia goes Regency, that’s a lot of Regency girls, but then, everyone loves a Regency girl… hm.

Ok… I think that may be everyone for right now! Wowee. And who knows, some will change, and that’s just the way it goes until a doll really settles into herself. What can I say, I’m a restless collector!


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