Happy Birthday, Molly!

Another day (ok, I’m writing these birthday posts all on the same day), another retroactive birthday post. This time for dear Molly!


Now, to be fully honest, I was not always a fan of Molly, despite being very much interested in WWII history. I essentially minored in Holocaust studies. I’m familiar with the time period. But Molly just didn’t quite strike me until the day I saw THE DOLL. A board member was selling her on AGPlaythings and I couldn’t stop looking. I wasn’t supposed to buy a doll at the time, so instead I made a Bargain(TM). My husband was wanting to get our SCUBA certification and I was terrified. I said that if I went through with it, I could get the doll.


Well, one frigid October weekend in New England waters later, I had both a SCUBA certification AND this gorgeous girl, a beautiful chubby White Body Molly. I loved her, perhaps because she was so unlike book Molly (who is my least favorite book character, sorrynotsorry). It’s not that I don’t think book Molly is a believable little girl. It’s that of all time periods to show off a sort of entitled little girl, 1940s was a toughie. Yes, childhood was becoming a thing, and it made sense to show this modern girl. But there were thousands of children being killed in the Holocaust. The contrast is just too much for me. I can’t separate Molly from the events of her time period.

Molly’s third wig. SO CURLY.

Anyway, MY Molly is shy and chubby and a total sweetheart. But her hair was immediately a problem. I can’t remember what was wrong with it –at least it was dry, and I feel like maybe it had also been cut? I still have the wig tucked away for some reason but am way too lazy to dig it out. Instead I went on a hunt for a replacement. Ruby Red Galleria’s wig was too modern looking –glossy and with some highlights. I liked the next wig she wore, a beautiful curly wig, but it was also always a little modern looking for her otherwise soft appearance. Eventually I ordered a banged brown wig from Engelpuppen, the company in Germany who made the original AG doll wigs. Perfection! The bangs are a little long which is adorable. Maybe I’ll cut them but probably I won’t.


Molly has also had some face paint touch-ups and is part of the yearly lip refresh squad. Someday I’ll get her lips right. And someday she and Emily (and maybe 1-2 more 1940s dolls!!) will have a wonderful bedroom to store all the bits of her collection. For now, she’s a well-behaved, grateful doll who probably still thinks her brothers are a bit bratty but also recognizes how fortunate she is. (Ok, full disclosure, I probably see a little too much of my bossiness in her and it pains me.)

Well, now this kind of makes me miss her super curly wig…


Happy birthday, Molly!



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