Happy Birthday, Felicity!

Question: Will a birthday post ever actually happen on a birthday?

A: No. I refuse to feel bad about it. I’m going to retroactively post this. It’s like I never missed it!

Especially since American Girl clumped so many doll birthdays into April-May! Crazy! To be fair, a large number of people have spring birthdays.


Anyway, Felicity is the doll of the day. And on her head rests the blame for me getting back into American Girl collecting as an adult. One fine late-spring day, while a friend was visiting, this friend happened to mention that Felicity and Kirsten had been retired. I hadn’t thought of American Girl in years, but hearing of this triggered something inside me. I felt like I’d missed out on an important childhood goal of getting Felicity and Kirsten –I’d gone through phases in which I was obsessed with Colonial America and pioneer America. Obsessed! So off we went to eBay and, stupidly without doing any research, I purchased a Felicity and a Kirsten.


While both dolls were pretty, Felicity was not the right one (and it turned out Kirsten wasn’t, either). I’d bought a Mattel Felicity with lazer green eyes and a thin face and I just felt nothing for her. Her eyes unsettled me. So after a year or so of debating it, I found just the right Felicity and sold the old one.


But while I loved this new Felicity’s round face and squishy body, her make up was non-existent (see the photo up above!). She looked awful in pictures because her thin line eyebrows had faded into oblivion. So after experimenting a bit painting another doll, I tried my hand at Felicity as well. For several months her face paint drove me crazy. Her eyebrows looked too dark. But over time, they became normal, and now I’m pretty pleased. Granted, her lips are a hot mess; I am terrible at doll lips. But every few months I repaint lips, and I figure eventually I’ll be good enough to give it a rest.


My Felicity is a rather chubby girl. And, perhaps not surprisingly, she’s another doll that doesn’t strike me as a great embodiment of the book character –she and Molly in particular. But I love these dolls, and I accept their divergence from the book characters. My Felicity is little less rash than book Felicity. Perhaps she’s slightly older and that explain it.

thanksgiving 1

Felicity’s collection has always appealed to me. She’s got some gorgeous clothes, and also some I’m not wild for. But her accessories! I have so little of her collection but in my dream house will have a whole bedroom for her, and maybe even a dining room for her, Caroline, Rosie, and Vivienne to share.


SO thank you, squishy Felicity, for being the doll that dragged me back, even more than Kirsten did. You are squishy and lovely, even if I had to give that pretty new blue dress to Rosie because you are a bit too curvy. Own it, girl! 🙂



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