Happy Birthday to Me

Ok, so I recently had a birthday, and bought myself a couple dolly things for it. I thought I’d just toss them in a single blog post.

First, this incredibly beautiful dress from ForAllTimeDesigns on etsy. I’ve favorited this shop for a long time because of all the beautiful things that get posted, but when this dress went up I knew I had to have it. I spent a couple hours debating “is this one of those things I will regret not buying when someone else gets it?” because my doll budget is pretty small, even around my birthday this year, and this would be the bulk of it. But I went for it, and I’m not disappointed. It’s well-made, feels way more durable than I had expected, and I can pour over it to learn a bit about sewing with these types of materials.


I think it’s probably going to belong to Evelyn, but for now Myfanwy looks gorgeous in it!

Second, I got a dress and white leggings from Everyday Dollwear on etsy. I am laughably short on modern clothing, and have accumulated modern dolls more quickly than I’ve been able to sew clothing. An instagram account I follow had posted a photo with a white version of this dress that I regretted was sold out, but I like this striped blue one even better! I bought it as soon as it went up and Parisa immediately staked her claim. I’m extremely impressed with the quality of both things I got and will absolutely buy again. The prices to me feel like a good deal compared to the quality! And as much as I would have liked the sew everything for the modern girls… it’s not going to happen.


And the third part of my birthday is that I finally have Sorah. I’ll give her a blog post on her own (and a couple other girls need posts, as there’s been a lot of rewigging, taking dolls out of the closet, putting them back in, and taking them out again lately) so that’ll come soon. But for now, here’s a teaser picture!


It was a lovely birthday in general, though I’m not quite ready to be 29! Last year of my twenties, eek! My husband bought me a massage and a pedicure and surprised me (well, it’ll happen next weekend) with a photoshoot of me and my son, because I’d mentioned I don’t feel like I ever get good pictures with him. Dinner with friends, some sewing, some game playing, and lots of baby snuggles. Not a bad way to ring in a new year!


One thought on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Awww! Happy birthday! Can’t wait to meet Sorah – she has my favourite face mould! Plus, who’s the girl at the top? Did you rewig someone or am I missing something?
    (PS: I can tell you shop at Beautifully Custom…)

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