Happy (Belated) Birthday, Rebecca

Another day, another birthday I missed while life was in the way. But Rebecca is a sweet girl and understands –at least my Rebecca is!


Rebecca is one of the prettiest dolls American Girl has made. She looks stunning in anything you put her in, in any time period. It’s actually give me quite an ongoing dilemma with her, because at any given time I’m tempted to drop her into a different time period. I think she’s particularly beautiful in Regency. But I haven’t quite been able to do it.


Not helping is that to be perfectly frank, I don’t like Rebecca in the books. I want to like her. I want to like her so much! I love that her family are Russian immigrants. I love that she’s Jewish. I love that she has a head for business –I did as a little girl, and I think it’s a really valuable skill to have represented for little girls as we try to encourage more women to pursue business. I can tolerate her fascination with drama and theater –I get the appeal of 1910s-1920s cinema and a glamorous movie star to little girls. But I don’t think it fits in that great with her stories. BUT like I said, I can tolerate it. It’s her selfishness that just gets me. It overshadows all the nice parts of her stories to me. She does rash, dangerous, selfish things that veer away from the things I’d want to teach my children –she climbs a gigantic ladder to rescue her friend rather than letting the adults handle it, she blows off working with Anna at the garden and disrespects the location and behaves like a total child until they’re thrown out. Her disobedience isn’t done in the right way, I don’t think.


And so I debate making her someone else, but then can never bring myself to do it. Maybe someday I will, and I’ll just make sure I’m keeping at least one Jewish doll in my collection. I love that aspect of her stories. I would have loved more about that, more about a focus on being immigrants. I don’t know, to me it just felt like she was given entitled, princess-y stories that don’t really feel like they fit her culture or time period or age appropriately. To be honest, I don’t even feel like the doll captures the right personality or appearance of the girl in the books, so it’s a bit easier for me to change


Anyway. Sorry Rebecca. Didn’t mean to make your birthday post a diatribe against your books. 🙂 My husband got me this doll for Christmas in 2016 and actually the doll he gave me had horribly uneven eyes. We wound up swinging by AG Dallas en route back to Boston so I could replace her. Why didn’t we wait until we were back home in Boston? The more important thing was that it was the Christmas my grandfather passed away, and so I wasn’t thinking clearly and just decided in my fragile state that Rebecca needed to be exchanged immediately.


I’ve started to sew for Rebecca because her wardrobe is pretty small. I’m missing some of her retired outfits and they are expensive to hunt down on eBay. Which is a double shame, because some of her outfits are on my top list of outfits AG put out, and it taught me a valuable lesson about buying something to save if I really love it (usually my rule has been no buying things for dolls I don’t own yet.) I also am slowly accumulating her accessories like her Hannukah set (LOVE) and so on. If I just focus on and choose the parts of her story I love, I love the doll.


So happy birthday, Rebecca! You’ve got lots more sewing coming to your wardrobe soon!


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