Happy Birthday, Addy!

What a good post to come back on. Today is Addy’s birthday, which is always super easy to remember since mine’s the day before! Like me, Addy had a quiet birthday this year. It was FINALLY a nice day (mid 60s!!) after this long, cold winter has really been getting my down. So I did put her into the stroller and set out with my son to see if I could find a good place to take pictures. But unfortunately, there just isn’t anywhere decent within walking distance of us in the city-burbs.


So poor girl only gets a couple pictures on my back deck, and I’ve been so out of it that she doesn’t even have a birthday present. I’m the worst dolly-mom! But considering the kind of spring it’s being, let’s just say it’s impressive I’m even managing to find the time to blog. Yesterday I even did a little sewing! Crazy.


But about Addy. My mom got this girl for me the first year I was back into collecting as an adult, so she’s Mattel but pre-BeForever. Her books are among my favorite, not just because it’s such an important and tragic part of history, but because I think Addy is one of the best characters. She’s fiercely brave, hard-working, clever, loyal, and kind.


Despite my love for Addy, I haven’t gotten to do much sewing for her, mainly because she has one of my two favorite American Girl collections (Josefina is the other). Her clothes are amazing! Fantastic color palettes, gorgeous designs. Granted, a rather beautiful and rich wardrobe for a young girl not in the upper class, even if her mother works for a dressmaker. I can barely change her quickly enough to get through all her clothes, and I don’t even have everything (yet ;)!


So dear Addy, while you are a stable but underserved doll in my collection, someday you will get your own room, more of a wardrobe, probably a Sarah or Hattie. I also promise I am trying to get better at styling your hair. You don’t have difficult hair, I just am really really bad at styling hair.



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