Happy Birthday, Ivy!

My Ivy came home with me as soon as news of her retirement broke. I couldn’t let the only Asian historical get away from me! Despite growing up enamored with the 70s, I initially considered the American Girl 1970s dolls to modern and saturated in pink and purple to really appeal to me. Cutesy, matching flower child stuff seems way more 2000s to me. Give me the avocado green, the orange, the red and yellow.

photo 1

But then I bought Ivy and decided that she was just too cute, and I decided to just be selective about what I collect for her. I don’t have Julie and probably never will, though I admit she’s grown on me over the years. But Ivy is my 70s doll and gets her pick of everything that’s released for Julie since her own releases were depressingly paltry.


I love Ivy’s painted eyes, though of course these are no longer unique to her. I’m honestly not crazy about her hair, which is short and striaght as sticks and styled in a cut a bit too similar to my estranged mother-in-law. I’ve actually long dreamed of rewigging my Ivy, perhaps with a Kaya wig; just having to wait for the right deal! But most of all, I like that my Ivy has a little dark spot on her upper lip a la Marilyn Monroe. I have no clue where it came from but it is actuall a mark, maybe from a pen?, on her vinyl.  I love it. The new Z doll has a similar mark, as does Tenney, but my Ivy started the trend! (You’re welcome, Marilyn.)



I actually really enjoyed Ivy’s one book as well. I desperately wish she had more and am thrilled that it sounds like she’ll be the lead of her own movie coming out this spring –although that’s an odd choice, if true, considering she’s a retired doll. I probably ought to read Julie’s books even just to enjoy the Ivy bits. Maybe once I read through the AG books I have!img_0298

Ivy’s gone on a couple business trips with me, too! Because her hair isn’t easily destroyed, I’ve packed her away on a couple trips to keep me company in my hotel room. Mainly to California. I’d thought about taking her on my big Asia work trip and didn’t, and since regret it. Next time, Ivy girl!


For her birthday, Ivy gets the roller skating outfit and skates! I think it’s a decently cute set although it drives me up the wall she doesn’t have a t-shirt to wear under that zippered top!


I have dreams of a pretty fun wardrobe for Ivy that’s inspired by my mom’s middle school pictures. There’s so much sewing I want to do, and so little time! But when the time does come, I’m so glad I snagged such a cute Ivy.

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