Happy Birthday, Evelyn!

The month is flying by and the three doll birthdays this month keep sneaking up on me! I was just reading recently what I had written about one of Evelyn’s least favorite birthdays. Unfortunately they tend to no go very well for her. So by contrast, the quiet day today must be nice!


Evelyn found her doll form on the heels of Tinuviel and Delaney when I realized their stories were really taking off and that if Tinu and Laney got dolls, Evelyn deserved one too, though she was really supposed to just be a temporary stand in. It never fails to frustrate me that to this day, I’m still not convinced what her hair color is in the story. It stated as a strawberry blond, then a full blond, briefly black, and I’ve even considered a warm brown. Probably she will end up blond, but until I am certain, and because the unmodified MG doll has suited her so perfectly, she remains in her original form.IMG_1676

I got this girl in a Jill’s Steals and Deals offer years ago and tucked her away in the closet for my husband to gift to me. I think it was for my birthday one year. For a time she lived as Cordelia, my 1880s Nantucket girl, but then I stole her for Evelyn and Caroline became Cordelia. Now nobody is Cordelia! Evelyn is the girl who sold me on the MG mold and made me realize it’s one of my absolute favorites (it and the Sonalia mold are my favorites!). I’ve had a hard time not just filling my collection with a half dozen custom MGs… But with three so far, I may be working up to that!img_4525-1

Evelyn the girl s one of my favorite characters I’ve written because she’s a wonderfully fun combination to explore or entitled but well-meaning. She’s very privileged in her upbringing, but has a very different response to it than her brother and sisters. It makes one sister power-hungry, one sister political, and her brother a bit of a playboy, but for Evelyn as the youngest, she really becomes more socially minded. Though ultimately he life does become highly political, she never loses her focus on helping people. Writing the story of her growing up and finding her voice and strength isreally fun, even if it’s actually much more challenging than either Tinu’s or Delaney’s stories. img_8300

For her birthday, Evelyn received two gowns and a fur stole. I had big dreams of getting her a new wig but haven’t found one I prefer to her current look, and maybe never will! But she’s quite content with her two new dresses, and the 2-3 more she knows are coming down the line.img_9974img_9979

Happy birthday, Lady Evelyn!img_9992


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