Rebecca’s Green Calico Dress

Continuing Rebecca’s wardrobe creation, I actually made her a second dress just the next day after the vested dress! Still using Simplicity 1179. It’s not often I love every outfit in a pattern book but these are all precious!

This time, the fabric is this lovely dark green recreation calico. I suppose it could be used in even older time periods, but to me it had the look of a reliable, safe to get dirty fabric, perfect for a play dress. Maybe it was someone else’s dress cut down? In her books, Rebecca’s clothes are mainly hand-me-downs.

This pattern wound up being more labor intensive than I’d expected. Not terrible, but there are actually a lot of little details: lace on the bodice and on the collar and tiny little pintucks on the sleeves! Plus I goofed, and didn’t notice on the pattern pieces that I needed to use a folded piece for the bodice, and didn’t think about it until I’d finished and realize the bodice was way too long for this style. Oops! Fortunately it was easy to fix.

The pattern includes a pinafore. I do think I want to make it, but I don’t have the right fabric for it yet –I think it needs an off-white cotton, and I’ve only got white which might look a little too bright. Then again, maybe I’ll give it a go, and if it doesn’t look right it can go with a different dress…

Anyway, two dresses for Rebecca down, two to go!


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