Rebecca’s Vest Dress

Poor Rebecca has been in need of some new clothes for quite some time. Even though she came home Christmas before last, I have very few things for her since she has so very little available from American Girl. I’ve been meaning to make her some things but it took this long to get the right combination of patterns, fabric, and notions. But at long last, I’ve gathered the needed materials, and so begins Rebecca’s wardrobe! Time to continue to sew my way through Simplicity 1179, featuring Keeper Dolly Duds. (You may remember I made Nellie a dress from this pattern already. Best I can tell from looking at fashion plates, these patterns would really work for Samantha or Rebecca.)


I’d been on the lookout for fabric I thought would work well, and this navy diamond and cream fabric looked just right to me. In general I’m bad about coordinating notions and fabric because I’m impatient and want to sew immediately, rather than plan ahead and track down buttons and lace and whatnot. This time I did it though and found just the right navy cluny lace on etsy.


The pattern was not as hard to follow as I’d thought! The vest pieces fit easily into the bodice. The pattern walks you through such nice finishing techniques. Even the pleats weren’t too bad, and I usually really don’t like pleats! The space in between somehow made them easier to space properly. The hardest part was really just the little openings on the sleeve cuffs, which are finished, and even that was just patience. The only issues I had were dumb errors on my part –sewed the waistband on upside down once.

As you can see above, I even got some button practice in! I’m not crazy about dresses that button entirely in the back. I think it’s because they feel like baby dresses to me, for some reason. But I do recognize the look nice, and feel much nicer than velcro.


Rebecca is such a pretty girl, and I feel like she’s been short-changed at my house. But no more! Even my husband just looked over and commented on how cute Rebecca looks in these photos. She’ll be quite spoiled with new clothes in the next month, if I manage to get through all these sewing projects for her without getting distracted.


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