Evelyn’s Red Velvet Dress

Evelyn’s sure getting a lot of clothes lately, huh? She was lagging in the wardrobe department but is definitely catching up now. I still have 1-3 more outfits to make fur her too (depending on what I use for either Delaney or Tinu instead).

Unfortunately, they can’t all be winners, and I’m not happy with this gown. You’ll see I didn’t even bother with real photos of it. I’ll keep it around and maybe in a few weeks tackle fixing some of the things that bother me.


This dress had everything going for it. I used two Carpatina patterns that I thought would play nicely together (the Medieval for the bodice, the Renaissance for the sleeves). I quilted the gold center panel, feeling so proud of myself. Turns out, the patterns did not play nicely together. Too late I considered that the neck facing would show at the sleeveless arms, and it’s bulky and slippery, so I probably need to just accept a topstitch around the neckline.


The sleeves are ok, but the short chemise underneath is not great. The pattern had me use way too much elastic for the wrists so they’re loose, and the red ribbon I used for the neckline clashes terribly with the velvet. Solvable things, but I didn’t feel like dealing with them then. I also want it to be a satin chemise anyway, so probably I should just make a complete new one at some point.

img_9992hate how the facing shows behind that gold panel at the neckline. But I have it pulled up a bit higher trying to hide the red ribbon. It’s possible this will grow on me in time, especially once I can get myself to fix the things I’m not happy about with it. Funny how I could love this pattern so much for Tinuviel’s dress but then did a poor job of mashing them together.

Uh well, sew and learn!


4 thoughts on “Evelyn’s Red Velvet Dress

    • That’s a good point! If I go back and do any attempts to fix it I may give that a try, or even just use cotton for the lining so it’ll press better… hm…

    • I like them a lot actually! They’re pretty simple but leave lots of room for you to alter or embellish. Some of their older ones I think might be clunky in the sleeves but all the ones I’ve used have been fine

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