Happy Birthday, Tinuviel

I recently “came into” (cough*impulsepurchased*cough) some wigs from Beautifully Custom. I’m only now getting into the high-end doll wigs, and I figured I’d buy a few, see if I like them, and if not sell them on eBay. Really I’ve been looking for a good blonde wig for Evelyn, but the platinum wig was the only blond wig they stocked this time and I’m not liking it so that’ll be going on to a new home.

I impulsively bought a red wig as well because I’m a sucker for a good red wig. I had no plans at the time to rewig Tinu. But when it arrived, I realized it’s way more like the color I’ve envisioned for her. On impulse (see a theme here?) I tried it on and viola!


So here’s the thing. I think she’s actually a less “pretty” doll with this than with her Saige wig.  The auburn color with the hazel eyes was just stunning. But this wig is way more true to her personality, so for now, it’ll stay. I think. I’m still trying to adjust. And it’s SO thick, I need to actually learn how to style doll wigs! img_9938img_9940

I may also curl it because it’s one of those heat-resistant ones that’ll let you straighten and curl. I dunno. For right, I’m just looking at her. I do wish it had a part, is my only thing. I’m not gluing it on yet, letting myself get used to this vs. the Saige wig. Sometimes change is hard. But I’m also feeling pretty pleased that she’s looking more like story Tinu –even the mossy hazel green eyes are finally feeling right!img_9942

But hey, that’s a great segue to: Happy birthday, Tinuviel! This doll is one that’s been in progress for several years. I started writing her story a few years ago, unrelated to doll collecting, and then considered that it would be fun to have a doll version. About that time, Saige launch and so for a time, Saige was Tinuviel.

So pretty! And spunky! But ultimately not right for Tinuviel. So once I started writing Delaney’s story (which crosses with Tinuviel’s and Evelyn’s once they’re adults), I purchased a gorgeous #55 and swapped their wigs. Tinuviel was more pretty than feisty now, but who doesn’t love a pretty doll?

And who knows, I still love her with the Saige wig and maybe I’ll end up back there. But the foxy red, though it makes her look a little older, just really captures that firecracker, strong, outspoken rebelliousness that she had, even as a little girl!


^Back in her Saige days… such a gorgeous doll. Tinuviel also has a really fun wardrobe. I’ve had a lot of fun making up the fashion rules for her, and a lot of her stuff is sewn from old clothing of mine (like the yellow gown above which was a dress of mine), which means her wardrobe has a bit of fun nostalgia for me too. That yellow dress was one of the first things I ever made and I still love it!


So happy birthday Tinuviel, whatever your hair color. Thanks for being such a good little muse as I’ve worked on your stories and wardrobe!



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