Just some snuggly girls

on a cold day! Josefina was looking extra cute in her indigo wool skirt, and I think Nina manages to look quite cute in her pink and brown sweater. I need to make her a brown skirt but for now she’s pulling off a blue one!


I guess Josefina’s looking a little faded these days, but she is something like nineteen years old! Lately I was thinking about the fact that when I was a little girl, Samantha was my playmate, and then Josefina always felt more comforting and responsible to me. Even as an adult, without really thinking about it, when I’m sick or upset, Josefina is the girl I want on the couch with me.img_9943img_9945

Maybe it’s the medium tone Josefina mold that just does it for me, because I get similar comforting vibes from Nina. She just seems sweet and responsible and like a good listener, ha. Also, how can a girl look so cute in so much brown? But she pulls it off beautifully!


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