Changes for Deirdre

Ok, so I mentioned this dilemma a while ago, which is that I had a doll named Mary Ellen already, and then American Girl put out Maryellen and though I resisted, ultimately she came home with my. My plan was to rename her Janie, but I wound up loving her character in the books so much and her name just fits, so it stuck. So for a while I just dealt with having two Ellens but it was bothering me. I need more of a difference.

So after much thought, Mary Ellen Catherine McLeskey is now Mary Deirdre Catherine McLeskey. I’m still settling in on the new name. It was tough to find the right one! I wanted something that was Irish, but not a name that would have been super commonly used by the Irish at the time –I think her adoptive parents would have changed her name if she’d been Brigid or Eileen.


You also may notice Deirdre is sporting a new head, including a new eye color. I couldn’t stand that head where the eye sockets were stretched out. As an experiment, I plopped Deirdre’s wig on the #61 I’d bought to steal the wig from, and I fell in love! Plus, since Rosie’s eyes are brown, I wanted a bit more distinction. I love her like this!

So new name, new face and eye color… I don’t think I’ll be changing her story though. I debated it! But thinking about it actually just made me write a little bit more of it, and I think for now it’ll stick.

Sometime soon I’ll be going through and correcting all the old tags, but there will probably always be some remnants. Name changes are a lot of work… it’s one reason I didn’t change my name when I married! 🙂 I need some new pictures of her too, but several girls are needed updating “school photos” so a project for a rainy day!


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