Evelyn’s New Blue Gown

Evelyn is winding up with a lot of blue clothes but it is basically her country’s national color so it makes sense. Also she just looks so good in blue! I bought this blue taffeta over a year ago to make her a dress with and it took until recently for me to finally put it to use with Simplicity 1134’s “Mystical” Costume patterns. I’ve had my eye on view B for a while but was concerned it might fit funny on an American Girl. I decided to finally take the chance though and I am (mostly) glad I did.

So, the good: The taffeta was not as bad to sew with as I’d feared. I pinned very carefully and took my time, and slippage was nowhere near as bad as, say, velour. I’d bought this trim to match it too and it really was as lovely as I’d expected.


The neutral: I dove into my stash for the contrast fabrics. The gold “specialty” taffera I had grabbed a fat quarter on sale at JoAnn’s a few months ago for like $1.  The only weird thing is it has sewn in polka dots but tha are very far apart. The sleeve linings each have one and it’s in the same spot so slightly odd but maybe looks a bit intentional.


The ugly: Those damn sleeves! I was so careful cutting out and putting the sleeves together. They’re not really difficult, just a bit time intensive (each sleeve is 4 pieces plus trim) and a lot to coordinate. I’d sewed the sleeves together (1) before realizing one was backwards, so I undid the right sleeve and redid it (2). Sewed them to the bodice, finished the gown, put it on Evelyn and realized one sleeve was completely backwards UGH. So I carefully ripped it out (which involved undoing the trim and separating it from the upper sleeve) and undid the sleeve and sleeve lining to redo the sleeve lining (3). Then guess what, it turns out I went too far back and shouldn’t have undone the sleeve so I had to undo it again. Fourth time was the charm. I finally got the sleeve made and attached, and from there it was smooth sailing.


It was almost comical how much trouble I had with the sleeve. But it actually didn’t ruin the pattern for me. It was otherwise simple to follow, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I didn’t make the crown since the belt and sleeve accent was enough, and didn’t add anything to the neck for the same reason. I’ll have some options to help differentiate when I make his again, and I definitely will!


I contemplated changing Evelyn’s wig recently, because in the story she’s blonder. But I couldn’t do it, because this girl is just too cute. I guess there’s a chance eventually I’ll find the right blond wig and this girl will become a different girl but for now she’s survived as Evelyn!


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