Nina’s Party Gown

I love the idea in Maryellen’s books of a glam movie star birthday party. I know she changed it to a party raising awareness about polio, and that’s great and all, but I decided someone probably had a glam 1950s movie star birthday party. Maybe Nina does! Or one of the Karens. Look I just made a glam movie star dress for Nina because I’m trying to get better at sewing with shiny fabrics.


I used Simplicity 8072 and some coral taffeta that I thought would look lovely with Nina’s coloring. I didn’t consider until I started making it that the pattern wanted me to have a tulle overskirt and tulle ruffle along the neckline, which I didn’t have, so I ignored that part and just made my own ruffle. And boy am I glad I did because that strapless top is pretty low-cut for a little girl!


In general, I tend to avoid strapless things for my dolls. I think it’s a combination of how low cut strapless things have to be to wok with their arms and also them being little girls. They don’t tend to be super flattering on dolls. Plus there’s the additional challenge of them wanting to shimmy down. So many opportunities for wardrobe malfunctions!


I sort of wish I’d gone with my first instinct to make it a shorter gown. I can always re-hem it if I decide I just don’t like this enough. Or maybe I just need time to get used it. It’s glamorous and grown up in a way I don’t usually dress my dolls. Maybe I’m just not ready for Nina to grow up. Excuse me while I wipe a tear away.


Or maybe it’ll grow on me. I was definitely right that it’s a pretty color for her! And it was super easy to make, even using taffeta! In that regard, it was a success. And hey, if Nina is happy, then I’m happy.


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