The Great Sweater Challenge

February is fast approaching, in which I dress all my girls in their cozy winter gear. I know I’m a little short, with so many dolly additions last year, so I’ve been trying to focus on making some (ok, and failing, because I’m mostly just distracted by whatever shiny fabric is first within reach). I’m also needing to quickly sew through some of my bulkier fabric, which includes a pile of old clothes I’m wanting to turn into doll clothes.

First up was this grey sweater I got from H&M about eight years ago. I tried it on for a good measure, and it’s just not flattering at all. So my first and most obvious thing to make was just a grey sweater for the dolls, using Liberty Jane’s repurposed sweater pattern. It was super easy aside from the general annoyance of sewing with floppy knits.


It fits better when it’s not over a puffy-sleeved dress, ha, but you get the idea. I’ll have a better picture of it soon when someone’s wearing it next month.

I still had quite a bit of sweater though so then I got more creative.


Not too bad. And I cleared out a wadded up sweater from my fabric pile so hurray! I look forward to getting creative with some of the other stuff in that pile. It’ll be much easier to sew throughit now that I actually have modern dolls!

And while I’m here, I might as well combine posts and show off the dress Margo is wearing under the sweater, which I also just made. I had an Amazon gift card from Christmas and used it to buy a bunch of patterns. I started with Simplicity 2296 just because that’s where inspiration struck first.


I’m glad I got to use some more fat quarters, and I’m not so displeased with this that I won’t use the patterns in this one again. Things fit a little boxy and big. The dress actually ends before Margo’s knees so it’s not as long as it looks, and it’s growing on me a bit, but I don’t love it. I suspect the other things will also turn out a bit more childish than I usually dress my dolls. May be best for when I’m sewing for my kids’ dolls, since the patterns are at least easy to follow and make, and don’t require a great deal of fabric.




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