Odette’s Marigold Petal Dress

I’ve been wavering on keeping Odette 1920s, only because I’m working on so many dolls at once that it’s a bit overwhelming and I inherently wind up feeling like I’m neglecting the girls who are still light on story and wardrobe. But I do want to give her the good college try, and if it just doesn’t stick I may nudge her up to the 1930s. I thought about turning her into Kit’s friend Jessamine but… my name is Jessa and I don’t want a doll with such a similar name. It’s also possible I’m just having a hard time really bonding with this doll…

Anyway, there aren’t a ton of 1920s patterns out there that aren’t just flapper dresses, which isn’t exactly little girl fashion (though I do love them and Odette has one!) But Hint of History, which also made a Regency pattern than I absolutely love, has a 1920s wedding dress and petal bridesmaid dress pattern that I wanted the moment I saw it. Despite buying so much fabric recently though, none of it felt quite right for this. I wanted a solid color, and am strangely short on solid colors (close the fabric website, Jessa!) so I pulled some very yellow fabric out of my old stash. It’s been sitting unused for years because it is so yellow.


The pattern was very easy to follow. I seem to remember a couple small typos, which seem par for the course in doll patterns, frankly. The waistband at the end wound up a bit short and the whole thing fits just right so Odette will have to watch what she eats. But really, the only “difficult” part of the pattern was having the patience to cut out and sew stitch and then topstitch all those petals!


Ok, I take it back, actually the hardest part was that stinking little flower! I’d never made one before, and I still feel like after redoing it a couple of times it’s loser than I’d like, despite pulling it together as well as I could. Eventually I’d like to make her a little hat out of the same yellow fabric and I’ll no doubt make another of those flowers on it, so probably it’s something you just get better at with practice.


I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I’d like to do another one in maybe pink or purple, and I think it’d be a nice modern dress too if the petal layers were in contrasting fabrics. And that’s only half of the pattern! Though Odette won’t be getting married anytime soon, I’m planning to make her a fancy dress from the wedding gown pattern… once I’ve sewn through all* the fabric I already have. (*Ok, not all, but hopefully at least some?)


7 thoughts on “Odette’s Marigold Petal Dress

  1. This is beautiful! And I really love the bright yellow! I’ve become obsessed with Downton Abbey lately, so I really do love the idea of a 20s doll.

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