Tinuviel’s Blue Gown

Ok, I may have mentioned I had another fabric shopping spree recently. I’m not posting a pictures of the haul because if I don’t post pictures, it didn’t happen. Needless to say, I am grounded from all doll spending. It’s going to kill me not to buy the exciting new stuff leaking for the BeForever dolls but hey, it’ll be stuff to ask for at my birthday in April. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, back in the fall I did some redesigning for how I define fashion for Tinuviel, Evelyn, and Delaney. Which means they each lost a good chunk of their wardrobe as I deemed it no longer accurate. Which means of course they need new clothes! So this fabric order included a lot of velveteens, velours, chiffon, and viole.

Inspired by running my hands over this shimmery blue velour, I got to work and immediately remembered how much I hate sewing with: 1. velvety fabrics, 2. viole and or chiffon, 3. knits. SO I decided to do a gown that included all of the above, obviously, and using a pattern I’ve wanted to doctor before.

I used the Carpatina A-line Medieval dress, which I’ve used before with moderate success. I don’t like how high the neckline is though so I adjusted that myself. I also made up my own sleeves for it because I was inspired, of course, by one of my favorite fantasy dresses of all time, Arwen’s crushed blue velvet dress from theย Lord of the Rings trilogy. Obviously it’s not an exact replica, more inspired by, but I wanted to doctor the Carpatina pattern to get closer than they were on some things like the sleeve.



Some of the detail is tough to capture in photo. You can of course see the wavy blue stitching on the sleeves, but the hemline has the same wavy stitching in silver. The trim is all hand sewn on, and that trim is SO SPARKLY and pretty that it was pretty mesmerizing to sew with. I also somehow managed to lose a needle on my couch that I still haven’t been able to find and I’m terrified someone’s going to get stabbed.

The only thing I still don’t like about this pattern and forgot about until too late is the seam inside of the sleeves. Sleeves like this ought to be lined so you don’t have that big ugly seam distracting from it all. I have more fabric to make another version of this and I think I’ll make my own pattern piece in order to do a fully lined version. It’ll save me the hassle of having to hem the sleeve anyway and make it all more billowy to boot!


I also made a simple headback for her while I was at it. I think my instinct is to overcomplicate outfits sometimes, whereas this gown is partly beautiful because of its simplicity. And also because it’s velvety and sparkly.


And of course now I, my sewing table, and everything I love are coated in a blue glittery fuzz, because the fabric actually has some glitter in it. What a mess! but I’m generally happy with this turned out and look forward to making a few final tweaks next time.



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