Carpatina Scenes

After buying the American Girl holiday party scene back in November, I am suddenly a huge fan of these backdrops. Kind of makes me regret selling the 2 Scenes & Settings I had, except they were taking up SO much space in my house. The AG cardboard backdrops are small, which means they also fold up smaller. Not as sturdy for play but perfect for backdrops.

I’d also noticed Carpatina released some of their own scenes for 18 dolls, though at a much higher cost. Still, I decided to take the plunge and ordered both of their listings.

The Summer Garden to Forest with grass floor was $40, more than TWICE what the usually-expensive American Girl pays. I was dubious that it could be worth that much… and I’m still not convinced, though I am very glad to have it. The scene is made of extremely heavy cardboard, much thickier and sturdier than the AG one. It also comes with a flimsy but usable piece of rough felty paper to use as a ground, which is a nice addition. My house is all hardwood and carpets which don’t make sense for an outdoor setting.


I’m also not thrilled with the white tag in the corner. I get they want their branding, but would have been nice if it could have been a bit more subtle. That said, these are so nice, and I like that the details leave them pretty flexible to different dolls. The woods have a Kirsten vibe to me, and the garden could work for a lot but to me feels right for maybe Felicity or Caroline. The chickens make it a little less relevant for like, Samantha.

The Interior and Castle with Floor Scene was even more expensive at $48. The price difference is due to this one coming with a reversible heavy-cardboard floor.


I do like the floor MUCH better and would have preferred to pay more for the grass to come glue on cardboard. Maybe I’ll even do that myself. The cardboard floor makes it easier to stand the dolls up. And the details of both scenes are just stunning. Exactly what I wanted for my dolls. I think the parlor is sort of my Rococo Rosie’s, and the palace balcony is Tinuviel’s. I really am in love with both of these rooms, and while the garden and forest to me felt very much like painted backgrounds, these feel a little more actual backgrounds –the kind where in close up photos you can’t necessarily tell if it’s real stuff or not.


So, final score: I love these. They all fold up into one-panel width, and the floors fold in half, so they’re easy to store. They’re durable. I love the way they look. The price is high, especially because I do like the American Girl ones a lot, but I hae no regrets about buying these.

I also recently bought an indoor lighting kid (not just a lightbox) and it’s being used to take these photos on a rainy day. So hurray, my indoor photos are going to be a lot better now!


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