Happy Birthday, Flora!

The downside of having a bunch of dolls is it’s always somebody’s birthday, but the upside is that it’s always somebody’s birthday! And though these posts are exactly a major celebration, it’s a nice little pick-me-up for me, and a fun excuse to focus on a specific doll.


Flora was the doll I didn’t expect to love and I’m high key in love with her now. I don’t tend to like light eyes on dolls, especially not Marie-Grace’s color (maybe because it’s basically my eye color?) I don’t think it looks great in the mold. But after I’d cleaned this girl up and plopped #33’s wig on her, Flora quickly became the most developed of my modern girls. I even have grown to accept the blue eyes. For now.

Ok, not the most believable scene-staging but I worked with what I had 😉

Flora is the daughter of a French ballerina and a musician. Her mother died about two years earlier, and her relationship with her father is not good, so she’s spent her time bouncing around homes –sometimes foster homes, sometimes the homes of distant relatives. Because of this, she tends to be a bit quiet, a bit of a loner. She dances, primarily ballet, because it’s a way to keep her mother alive, but she’s recently discovered that she loves ice skating and ice dancing even more than ballet -and she’s good at it. She’s not sure how she could ever choose between them. So her birthday present this year was an ice skating outfit for her first competition! I thought long and hard on which one to get for her, but I think this light blue is just perfect for her.


Flora also sings in choir and plays the piano. She adores mystery books. French is her first language but she’s fluent in English, although her slight accent has earned her teasing which she takes hard.


Spoiler alert: Flora is definitely going to win Gold at the Olympics, I’m just not sure in what category yet. Maybe ALL OF THEM because dolls don’t have to follow the rules. 🙂


Below is the first photo of Flora as herself. That wig went on and it was just pretty immediate who she was. Margo and Lenore have both been tougher to really get a grip on who they are and what they want in life.img_6164

Below is Flora with Rosie and Evelyn before she was reborn as Flora. She wasn’t in nearly as rough shape as Rosie was. I think it’s fun to see how even the same mold can look so different convey such different personality. Of these girls, Rosie is the feistiest though Evelyn isn’t far behind, she’s just a bit more prim and proper about it (a bit more entitled than Rosie is), and then Flora is the quietest, most introverted.


I didn’t think I’d ever have any modern dolls, but I love the ones I’ve got! I just realized I don’t have any pictures of Flora in her reading glasses… but they are all being a fun opportunity for me to explore new fashions and realize just how out of touch I am with pre-teens!




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