Random Modern Sewing

These aren’t beautiful photographs, but I’ll show off some other things I’ve made recently. I had another fabric shopping blackout and maybe splurged a bit on too much fabric, so I was frantically trying to sew through my stash before the new box arrived. LOL! At this point I have 2 20-gallon tubs of fabric, a tall leaning pile beside my desk, and a drawer with several cut out patterns ready to sew. OOPS.

Anyway, I didn’t even make a dent. But I did discover that maybe I’m getting closer to being able to sell things than I thought! That’s ultimately my dream, but in general I think I’m still a little too slapdash and imperfect. But some of these simple modern pieces weren’t turning out so badly, so maybe that will ultimately be my gateway.

Kanani kindly modeled everything for me. These are made from a variety of patterns but mostly Liberty Jane.


^ Frankensteined Liberty Jane patterns.img_9471

^ Tank top was a purchaes on eBay but skirt is new.img_9472

^ Sweater was purchased on eBay but skirt is new. Love Kanani in these colors!img_9500

Actually really happy with how ^ turned out. That gold stitching took foreverrrr. But all the seams are finished and tidy. Just needs some ironing and it’s probably one of the most professional things I’ve ever made!

Ok and now the jacket. This took me TWO DAYS to make and was way harder than I’d expected. It’s a Liberty Jane pattern, and one of those where you have to just hope and pray you’re constructing right because it doesn’t make sense until you tug some things into place at the end and suddenly it looks like a jacket. img_9437img_9438img_9463img_9464

On Instagram it was pointed out it has a real Belle vibe and they’re totally right! Unintentional. They’re just such pretty colors together. Despite the challenges of the jacket, I love how it looks and will definitely make more. How sweet is the lining and, most of how, HOW CUTE IS KANANI? I will answer for you: so cute.


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