The AG Kitchen Has Arrived!

This year, my big gift to my dolls thanks to my Christmas bonus was the adorable AG kitchen! I grabbed it with a 20% off coupon since the price tag still scares me, even knowing it comes with tons of stuff. I knew it was backordered but jumped at the chance to use that coupon, and on the very last day of December it arrived, 2 weeks ahead of schedule!


Now, this is the first thing I’ve bought knowing it’ll have to sit in storage until we buy a house. In the past, I’ve avoided doing that, because why buy things I can’t enjoy yet? But now seeing how much Caroline’s parlor is going for on eBay, and knowing that the other big ticket items will be the same, I decided to make an exception for this one. The other option is to redo the kitchen in the dollhouse, which I might also do for a while, and store some of the stuff in there (like Kit’s cookstove). Either way, I’m out of room for my stuff. Boy, we’d sure like a house! But that’s why these aren’t the best quality photos, just enough to show everything off.


Still, it was fun to unbox and open the dozens of little plastic bags with tiny kitchen items. I’m a sucker for tiny kitchen items. And truthfully, I hadn’t really looked at exactly what it came with, so I was delighted to discover it comes with a chair (kind of odd but ok) and even more little foods than I knew. Pieces of the kitchen are sturdy metal, like the pot rack and the butter knife. It looks like the mixer can actually spin. And there are a plethora of cabinets and drawers.


There are some weird pieces about it too though. For instance, the scale is ALL over the place. The half-gallon of milk is tiny in scale for the 9-year-old dolls. The sink can fit almost a hand. The measuring cups are teeny tiny, particularly compared to the measuring spoons, and mine don’t have a ring attaching them even though they’ve got the hole for it. The recipes have to fit diagonally in the recipe box, and the box doesn’t close with them in it. That’s pretty low quality for the cost of this set.


The set comes with more spice jar labels than spice jars, which I find really obnoxious because you have to pick your favorite spices, and not all of them are things you would really keep in those giant jars. Odd choices. Like, why mustard but not thyme? Garlic? Very strange. The jars also aren’t enough to really fill out the spice rack, but the salt and pepper grinders (which actually turn!) and vegetable oil are too big to fit.


Our dogs are absolutely part of our family, but I would never teach them to ring a bell when they wanted more food. They’d ring it all the time! Although they sort of do this when their water bowl is empty; we hear their tags clinking against the metal bowl and know to refill. Anyway, I think this part is cute, though it would annoy me if I didn’t have any of the pets.


I think when I set this set up for real someday, I’ll put spices in those jars so they aren’t just empty. And while I’m pointing out a lot of annoyances, in general I do really like the set. The butcherblock countertop is beautiful, and I love the design of the whole thing. I love that there’s a little pull out garbage can and need to make a tiny trash bag for it. I love that the bread slices fit in the toaster and can go shooting up out of it. The modern girls will be very happy with this part of their apartment when I get it set up someday. If I was a little girl, I’d lose my mind over this set; I came close to it even as an adult.


Worth the full price? Hm… I don’t know, but I tend to be pretty unhappy with AG’s prices anyway (even though I keep buying). And yet I prioritize and buy, and I’m glad to have this! With all those little pieces, it’ll definitely be crazy on eBay.




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