Maryellen & Kaya’s Snow Day

Snow has been few and far between this winter, which is very unlike Boston. I can’t say I’ve completely hated that, because commuting to work in the snow isn’t fun, but some snow is nice. I managed to get a few pictures of Vivienne in the snow on our one snowy day in December, and so when it began to fall on Saturday I ventured out again!

This time I decided Maryellen and Kaya deserved some photos. Despite being always visible on a shelf in the dining room, I feel like Kaya gets left out a bit. I don’t sew or write for her, and since she’s not in the dollhouse I often don’t think to grab her to sit on the couch with me. Plus I’ve always wanted to take some nice snow pictures of her. Of course, because I have the ugliest, tiniest backyard, I couldn’t get nice pictures, but I’m glad to have gotten any at all.

Kaya and Steps High go out for a ride in the snow.


The snow picks up so Kaya dismounts to lead Steps High through the shelter of the forest.


They come across a snowy white winter deer!dscn0560

There, that’s the closest to a photo story I’ve ever done, ha.

I also took Maryellen out, since she’s the new girl (I know Odette is technically newer, but I consider her still a doll-in-progress). This winter, I decided she and Emily will trade winter clothes so that Emily can skate with Molly and Maryellen could be tubing and building snowmen with her siblings. I love Maryellen’s skating dress, but it’s not like the oufit described in the books (which is just a red skirt and skates), and it’s always annoyed me that Molly and Emily are partaking of different winter sports. So I’ll see if it bothers me this winter to trade their clothes. Let’s pretend Maryellen and her family are up in New England, visiting Joan in Boston or something.


Then my son came out and dolls were abandoned to play with him, so I didn’t even get multiple poses of Maryellen, oops.

I don’t think doll photography is going to become too big of a thing for me. Despite my minor in photography, I just don’t have the time to really set scenes and lighting and edit the way I would want to in order to really commit. But I did just get some new backdrops and a lighting kit so that I can pull off indoor shoots better, mostly just for showing off the things I sew. Still, it was fun to make it out into the snow and grab some shots of these two girls!

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