Rosie’s Carpatina Gown

A few months ago I found myself in possession of an Amazon giftcard and decided to see what dolly things I could find on eBay. I’d long been eyeing some Carpatina dresses, mostly because they seem to make a lot of outfits that fall right within my interest (lots of Medieval stuff!) Unfortunately, some of the ones I’d wanted had already been sold out, so I hurried to buy a few more I thought looked nice

The first one I put on a doll was Margo’s kimono and then the pink dress on Evelyn, so I should have known that I would love everything else. Now, with Rosie finally rewigged, I put her in the Marie Antionette dress. I can’t believe I hadn’t expected to like this. It’s so much prettier than I thought!


My hesitation had sprung from the fact that it’s all one fabric. You may have noticed from my sewing roster, I like multi-fabric dresses, especially elaborate ones like this one.  And I do still think it would have been improved by constrasting fabric, at least for the bows. And you can also see that the sleeves aren’t quite laying correctly over the lace cuffs yet, so really need to go after it with an iron.


Despite these things, I love it! Rosie has a bum pad in for these pictures and isn’t wearing the slippers that came with it (I’d forgotten all about them until right this minute). But it’s just perfect for her.


You notice she’s also sporting the green necklace she got for Christmas. I just love it, and it wasn’t even that expensive! SO yes, the answer is that I will indeed be buying more things from Carpatina, as I’ve loved all three things I got from them! I think they also sell the pattern for this dress, which I may hunt down to make some other versions of it because it’s just so flattering for Rosie!

Also, the new wig means Rosie is officially a finished doll! She’s looking quite a bit better from the beat up girl I purchased on eBay last Christmas!


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