Vivienne’s New gown

So I’ve told the story before about not buying the dress I saw on etsy and then regretting it for years. So now, I am trying to really be careful about when there’s an outfit on etsy that I love, will it be something I regret forever for not buying?

This 1780s dress from HistoricallyDesigned on etsy was one such dress. I’d noticed it a while ago and immediately liked it for Vivienne, but it was quite expensive. One tough thing about sewing is that you have a different idea of what things are worth. Personally, I prefer to buy only things on etsy that I couldn’t make. This is normal fabrics, simple construction; definitely within my ability. However, I couldn’t get it out of my head, and eventually decided I’d really, really regret it if it was suddenly gone, and instead I could use it to learn a bit about finishing up nice dresses for sale.

I must say, I don’t regret it! I was having a hard time photographing it well with the poor lighting in my entry way on a rainy day, but the colors look wonderful on Vivienne. I love the necklace and the hat. And it definitely succeeds in giving me a glimpse into the world of nice clothing on etsy: it’s beautifully finished and definitely a high-quality garment. I’m very happy with my purchase!

HistoricallyDesigned has tons of really beautiful historical clothing, so if you haven’t ever looked at her stuff, I definitely recommend it. I will for sure be keeping a close eye out for more beautiful outfits to add to my collection!


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