Dolly Spa Days & A Problem

So I’ll start with the good news and get progressively worse. Rosie’s been unsettling me, because the wig just wasn’t right for her, and I thought perhaps the whole doll was wrong. Maybe the MG mold isn’t right for her. Back when I had the 20% off coupon remember, I bought a #61 to steal the hair for her, and finally got around to putting it on her.


She now looks exactly how I wanted her to look. I had been debating giving her slightly darker hair because in the story she has more of an auburn-brown color, but hot damn I love the way this girl looks. Pretty but fiesty.

Another thing I did was start tightening limbs. I completely restrung Kit, and it’s the first time I’ve actually restrung anyway. It went ok. Stressful until I figured out what I was doing. Now I’m not totally thrilled with how tight I got her, but considering her arms and legs were falling off, it’s definitely an improvement. I need to order more supplies because at least Ellen and Nellie have some work they need done too, and I’m guessing I’ll get better at it as I go. I’d hate to have to restring everyone constantly, but if it takes some trial and error to get it perfect, it’s not that big of a hassle.  So that’s the medium news.

And now the bad news. I found an eyeless #38 head on eBay not too long ago for like $12 and immediately snatched it up, thinking of poor Ellen’s repainted face. Yes, she was my first custom, and was clearly done by someone who does not know what they’re doing. In person she’s always been very cute but he face paint doesn’t photograph well. I was super excited by this find and figured it would be a painless swap.

First, the head arrived and some marks were more noticeable than I’d seen in the pictures, though the seller did mention the marks. But none of it was too bad. $12, remember

But I got the new eyes in and you can probably see the problem.The eye sockets have been so stretched out by whatever the first owner did that the eyes won’t sit properly in them. Too much white shows around the iris, giving her a weird spacy look.

I’m trying to live with it, I really am. Change is always hard, so I’m trying to give myself some time to get used to it and maybe it won’t bother me so much. But every time I look at her, it feels like my cutie munchkin girl has turned into a zombie. And when I’m also debating renaming her, it just feels like too much. I’ve tried everything to get the eyes to sit in the sockets better, but they just won’t go any lower without the metal showing. I may give it one more try and then a few days… and I guess if I can’t live with it, I either put her eyes back in the old head or try some swapping with that #61. I’ve been debating giving Ellen green eyes anyway since Rosie has brown eyes too… but then I’d need to paint new freckles, and that doll has the skinnier face when I’m so used to Ellen having a cute round face. GAH, I’m just so angry about this head. 😦

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