The Last New Girl For A While

On the 1st, I made another trek up to American Girl to check out the new Girl of the Year and pick up a few more things (Josefina’s feast day outfit, Kit’s onesie pajamas and lunch, and Julie’s NYE outfit for Ivy), as well as get Gabriela!

It actually wound up being a kind of weird trip. First, I was returning a Rebecca I’d bought a few days ago with the intention of customizing but then decided I’d rather have Gabriela. I had my receipt and everything, but the salesgirl (who I’ve definitely interacted with multiple times in the past) tried to talk me out of it! I mentioned there wasn’t anything wrong with the doll but that I’m not crazy about her hair and wanted to get Gabriela anyway, and she insisted Gabriela’s hair is way harder. No, it’s actually way easier. Then, when I was checking out, a very nice woman helped me but when I mentioned I wanted to exchange Gabriela’s book for another one I’d chosen, she carried my doll off to just bring me one of the ones they had already opened out of their boxes behind the counter. I had to ask her to please give me the doll I’d selected –SUPER awkward.

Anyway, despite these things, off I drove with my Gabriela, who lasted only a few minutes at home in her modern form before I changed her into this gorgeous outfit I bought from Pemberley Threads on etsy in preparation for this doll. I’m a big admirer of Pemberley Threads stuff and had debated this one for a while before decided it was worth it as a welcome home outfit for the new girl, and I don’t regret it! I’m quite happy with the quality of the whole adorable set and will definitely continue to watch this shop for more goodies I need to bring home.


Because yes, I bought Gabriela to be my 1920s girl! I’m learning about the Harlem Renaissance at the moment so that I can figure out this girl’s place in it. I know nothing at all about her yet, and instead am just wildly jumping from idea to idea until I see where I settle (writing? music? theater?) Although this isn’t the hair style I’d originally planned for this doll to have, she’s a cutie and if I decide I don’t like it, I can alway rewig her. For now though, she’s perfect.


I’m also relieved that the doll looks less like Melody than I’d feared. Her hair is a dark brown rather than black, which certainly helps to differentiate. She’s also not too similar to Cecile/Vivienne –the green eyes and different curl types and color go a long way. I’d say the girls look as dissimilar as some of the classic mold dolls with similar types of deviations. I do need to play with her hair a bit; some of the curls are tousled and I want to experiment with some styles. She’s got the same wig as Nina, but who knows, I may ultimately want to rewig Nina again anyway! These pictures are all of her fresh out of the box and not quite settled in yet.


Wow, I’ve got some pretty girls. Also how great do these girls look in gold??

Oh, but you may be wondering, does she at least have a name yet?


Yes! Meet Odette Evans. I’m still working through everything else, but I think she’s pretty stinking cute if you ask me. Welcome to the family, Odette, and I can’t wait to learn more about you and your period in history!

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